Long Steel Products Generating High Revenues

Consumption of Long steel products is growing rapidly owing to its wide application in construction & infrastructure sector, says RNCOS.


Noida, UP -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2014 -- With the increasing investment in infrastructure, real estate and industrial sectors, the demand for long steel products has been increasing in UAE. The long steel products, together with finding application in construction sector, are generating demand from manufacturing sector as well. According to a new report by RNCOS, “UAE Steel Industry Outlook 2018”, the rising accommodation requirements and improving industrial setup is escalating the demand for long steel products in the region.

According to our report, long steel products comprises of rebar, wire rod, wire product, structural sections and many others. These products are mostly used in construction in order to give to provide supportive framework to the structures. Long products, like structural sections and rebars, have wide applications in these sectors. Structural sections are used for the construction of large structures, such as bridges, high-rise buildings and heavy machinery. Further, rebars are used for improving mechanical anchoring and to increase the tensile strength when used as reinforcement in concrete structures. Hence, with the high growth in both infrastructure and construction activities, long steel products are witnessing massive demand. In the future also, long products consumption is expected to increase due to improving transportation facilities, establishment of MNC’s, increasing educational setups, among others, which is raising demand for accommodation facilities. Thus, UAE long steel consumption is expected to attain more momentum in future.

The report “UAE Steel Industry Outlook 2018” thoroughly analyzes the UAE steel industry’s performance in terms of production, consumption, import and export. It covers production and consumption forecast till 2018 of crude and finished steel. Finished steel has been further segmented into long and flat products. Long products have been classified into rebar and structural sections. Similarly, flat products have been segmented into coils, strips & sheets and plates. Our comprehensive report has closely studied and provided market forecast till 2018 for production and consumption of both long & flat products and their types.

The report also covers steel imports & exports of ingots and semi-finished steel, long products, flat products, and tubular products. In addition, the report highlights the major steel exporting countries to UAE along with the countries from where UAE imports steel. The long and flat steel products consumption outlook till 2018 in construction & infrastructure and manufacturing industry has also been provided. The report also sheds light on the drivers and provides competitive landscape covering the profiles & key management people of various industry players like Emirates Steel and Conares, among some.

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