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Long-Term Health Hazard Threats Trigger Nurses to Invest in Better Quality Shoes Despite Price Concerns


Panama -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2017 -- It is reported that retired nurses end up with long term joint pains and other physical side effects due to more than 12 hours of constantly moving feet every day. Statistics on professional occupation records also show that nurses deal with several hazards on a daily basis like spilled liquids on floors, fast moving stretchers, short stairs, etc.

With increased awareness for maintaining better health conditions among nurses, the market has witnessed a rise in the purchase of better shoes for nurses. More nurses are on the lookout for more comfortable, durable, reliable and flexible shoes. Recently a leading web site called The Shoe Adviser has revealed that buying cheaper rate shoes have had long term side effects on nurses in the long run. The site has launched some of the best discount offers on quality shoes. Shoes better suited for this profession should exhibit a higher comfort level than the normal walking shoe, coupled with the stability of a working boot. The Dansko Wide Professional Clog is widely sold for its breathable leather and synthetic sole. The shock absorbing rocker outsole has been the primary reason why most nurses invest in them despite the price. With the announcement by the web site about the discount offer, more individuals are purchasing it at a budget friendly rate. The male counterparts on the other hand are commonly investing on the Dansko Men's Professional Box Leather Clog. The shoe's contoured leather insole has been able to ensure a higher level of comfort and durability despite the daily wear and tear. The Natural Uniforms Women's Ultralite Clogs on discount is highly admired for its flexible clog design and extremely lightweight. Resistant to microorganisms, the shoe is made from EVA foam. It is also commonly worn by pregnant nurses who want to keep their feet cool and well ventilated. Most Dansko shoes are lauded for safeguarding the wearer's feet, knees, ankle, back and hips.

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