Long Term Loan Lenders Announce a $12,000 No Credit Check Offer is currently in close partnership with long term loan lenders who are now ready to process up to $12,000 without assessing the credit histories of consumers. All applications should be submitted online.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- Having a low credit standing or even no credit at all will no longer be a point of concern when seeking financing for bigger problems or even a number of small financial difficulties. Consumers can now start submitting applications for this new no credit check offer that will be available at There are important measures that have been taken to promote high levels of efficiency.

There are thousands of consumers who are having issues with their credit histories and this new offer by long term loan lenders is therefore likely to be considered by many especially now that the economy is very challenging. The company is well armed to review applications in time since it will be working together with a large group of loan providers. The intelligent platform will also be playing a major role in all this.

Extending this package as a long term offer is a move that a lot of borrowers will come to appreciate since they will be having enough amount of time to sort out their debts. This will be allowing them to do so comfortably making it easy to maintain clean credit periods. The package will therefore be coming in handy in building good credit scores or rebuilding a poor credit history.

There are people who will be qualifying for the funds without collateral but others will be required to present some form of security for their applications to be approved. This is a situation that will also be affecting the interest rates on this package and secured offers will be cheaper. Most of the long term loan lenders will also be expecting their applicants to be in stable employment and have at least 18 years of age.

“I’m part of the huge number of consumers whose low credit standings resulted from the 2008 economic downturn but I have managed to improve on the situation a bit,” admitted Ryan Hobbs. “This company has been of close assistance since I started relying on its services two years ago and I am highly pleased with this newly introduced offer. Clearing even bigger problems will now be easy.”

This is a company that has brought credit financing closer to the people where submitting an application is only requiring one to make some few mouse clicks. It has also significantly reduced the waiting period and some consumers are receiving financing within hours of applying. To make any enquiries or get financing from long term loan lenders, visit