Long Trips to Nowhere - Quick Quotes, Deeper Thoughts, and Imperfect Poetry

‘Your true life you may never discover if you hide on your bed under a cover’. This gem of a phrase is just one among the many inspiring, beautiful and deep quotes, poetry and phrases that indie author Allan R. Wallace shares with his readers in his Long Trips To Nowhere book trilogy.


Panama City, Panama -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2013 -- A good book is hard to find and rarely comes by; one that encompasses beautifully the meaning of life. Indie author Allan R. Wallace, recently made a jump from fiction to non-fiction writing and has delivered not one, but 3 such inspiring books that motivate readers very day of the year. His Long Trips To Nowhere book trilogy is packed with quick quotes, deeper thoughts and imperfect poetry that has been crafted to challenge readers’ minds.

The title of the books itself suggests the deeper meaning of life for life is after all a long trip leading to nowhere but the end. Written with well-chosen words, the book effectively conveys to readers about how each day will bring pleasure, anger, relief, laughter and a plethora of such different emotions and situations that make life no less exciting than a drama series. Readers will be able to develop critical mental skills if they compare learned world views before deciding to enjoy, ignore, or unlearn a lifetime of indoctrination.

This trilogy will help readers stretch their minds and help them find and live their life to the fullest. It challenges readers at a deeper level by urging them to start unlearning and learn something new which they have never thought of. It tells readers to spend time, even years if need be, considering seeking deeper realities. The author asks readers to override aspects of their basic human nature by firstly reading everything in each day's read, especially when they disagree. Secondly, they should eventually make up their own mind despite what those who display authority proclaim. Finally, they need to change their mind whenever new information requires it. The books essentially convey, ‘It is your own life and the lives of those you love. Tackle the difficult today so all your future can be more rewarding.’

Each day's read in the trilogy of books is about 300 words long and is constructed to make people think. It is not some book which you can read and just get it over with for it really makes its readers go “Hmm that was thought provoking”. The author wants readers to consider these books as a challenge because while readers are bound to not agree with every quote, poem, thought, or lesson contained in them, if they keep an open mind, each daily entry will become a proof of their aptitude for harvesting wisdom from any source. Each short entry is designed to guide readers to long and rewarding paths.

Basically, one section a day of these books will get readers through each book in a month and thus they will be able to finish reading the trilogy in 3 months if they read daily. Every section commences with a short thought provoking followed by a paragraph or three of deeper concepts and thoughts. Lastly, a quick poem is added which deftly ties up the pieces together.

The first book of the trilogy, Long Trips To Nowhere - Quick Quotes, Deeper Thoughts, and Imperfect Poetry, is already available all around the world in the form of an e-book. Long Trips To Nowhere 2 has a pre-order page for Friday, September 13, on the Apple iBookstore, at Barnes and Nobel Nook store and at the store for the Kobo eReader. It has been priced at $3.99 until its release date after which it will cost US$4.99 and will appear at other retailers soon thereafter. As for Long Trips To Nowhere 3, it is slated to have a pre-order page for a Friday, Oct 11 release. Moreover, Amazon is planning a future sale of the printed book versions of this trilogy with which a digital copy would be included for free.

"I just might be wrong. But if you view change as a problem rather than an opportunity you'll always be too late. Visionaries and crackpots are always too soon and pay a price for their insight. We can accept that,” states Allan R. Wallace.

About Allan R. Wallace
Allan R. Wallace is an indie author who has written fiction books like Hacktivist - Hacker School Attacked, Cyberhug.Me (Hacktivist Cyberwars For Human Rights), Complicit Simplicity: A hacktivism team fights for human rights and Abacus Brief - Moonlit Knight's cyberwar and peace, among many others. He recently made a shift from fiction to non-fiction writing and has authored Long Trips To Nowhere - Quick Quotes, Deeper Thoughts, and Imperfect Poetry, Long Trips To Nowhere - Month 2 and Long Trips To Nowhere - Month 3.

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