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Customized Longboards from Ehlers Longboards Are All About Choice and Quality

As longboarding grows in popularity, this Huntington Beach, CA company makes boards to custom specs utilizing high quality parts and craftsmanship.


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2014 -- Southern California based Ehlers Longboards creates high quality longboards that the customer specs-out on their website. Summer is coming up fast and Ehlers Longboards wants everyone interested in longboard skateboarding to know they have the best value and selection in longboards. Each longboard gets customized to specifications which customers choose from the Ehlers Longboards website ( They also ship their boards in the US and worldwide at a low shipping rate.

Similar to skateboarding, longboarding is a sport that utilizes a longer and wider board than the skateboard. Longboarders prefer the longer and wider board because of its better maneuverability. Longboard competitions involve downhill racing, slalom racing, freeriding and dancing. In the latter two types of competitions the longboarders compete using stylish tricks and maneuvers similar to the well-known skateboarding tricks. Longboarders say that tricks using their boards take more skill.

Ryan Ehlers, founder of Ehlers Longboards recently talked about the growing popularity of longboarding. "Longboarding is getting more and more popular. It's a sport I love. I'm dedicated to creating the best quality longboards at competitive prices. Ehlers Longboards is one more in a long and historic list of Huntington Beach, California companies that are innovating and popularizing a trending sport."

Customers can fully customize their Ehlers Longboard, choosing the color and part options. The boards are made to order at the facility in Huntington Beach, CA and shipped assembled.

A longboard has a greater dimension in both length and width than a traditional skateboard. This gives it more stability and traction, which is why it is popular for downhill skateboarding and slalom racing. They are also a top choice for cruising on streets.

Ehler makes four types of longboards: Mini Longboards, Traditional Longboards, Drop Through Longboards and Drop Down Longboards.

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About Ehlers Longboards
Founded in his garage, Ryan Ehlers took over 20 years of skateboarding passion and experience and has built Ehlers Longboards to be a top innovator in the industry.

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