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Diet Doc Announces a Real Anti-Aging Solution, Helping People Nationwide Look Younger and Feel Better

Diet Doc’s hGH anti-aging therapy has the ability to stimulate the pituitary gland, releasing the body’s own natural human growth hormone, safely helping clients throughout the country look younger and feel better


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2015 -- Over the years, Human Growth Hormone, referred to as hGH, has been scrutinized for its alleged illegal use by professional athletes, ending the careers of many after the discovery of high levels of hGH in their bloodstream. Because of this, human growth hormone is most commonly thought of as an illegal performance enhancement drug, when in reality, hGH is a natural hormone that is produced by the body. During youth, and especially during teenage years when the body is growing rapidly, human growth hormone is produced more abundantly, slowly waning as the body ages. When levels of hGH reach below normal levels, people begin to see and feel the signs of aging.

Because human growth hormone therapy tends to be quite costly, many people turn to secretagogues, which is simply a fancy word for a compound used to release hGH. Secretagogue therapy is based on medical research revealing that aging pituitary cells, if adequately stimulated, can continue to secrete hGH at the same levels as would be secreted in younger bodies. It is thought that the process of stimulating the pituitary gland to release the natural hGH hormone from its dormant state, and not on pumping the body up and over-stimulating with hGH, natural secretagogues have the ability to more closely mimic the body's youthful hGH secretion patterns.

The benefits of Diet Doc's hGH anti-aging therapy go far beyond helping patients look younger. An in-house survey of actual patients revealed benefits, including:

- Weight loss;
- Increased muscle and lean body structure;
- Reduction in wrinkles and sagging skin;
- Increased libido and sexual function;
- Increased bone density and reversal of osteoporosis;
- More rapid healing of injuries, fractures and wounds;
- Improved immune system and more resistance to infections;
- Improved memory and acuity level;
- Improved exercise tolerance;
- Improved heart and kidney function;
- An overall feeling of physical and mental wellbeing.

Diet Doc's scientific research has enabled their clients to take advantage of hGH anti-aging therapy and to look younger and feel better by restoring their body's own natural hGH to normal levels. New patients can call the company or visit to complete a health questionnaire, schedule an online doctor consultation and initial blood testing. And, for added convenience, qualified patients can easily and effortlessly reorder their hGH anti-aging therapy via the phone or internet for direct delivery to their home or office for immediate use.

Diet Doc has earned its reputation through honesty, trust and reliability and continues to manufacture their products in fully licensed, FDA approved, U.S. based compounding pharmacies. While there is no product that can reverse aging, Diet Doc's hGH anti-aging therapy can ease the symptoms and make transitioning into a new stage of life more enjoyable.

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