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Looking for Midsummer Magic? Celebrate Solstice with Circle Dance at Cortijo Romero


Amersham, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- June Watts brings Sacred Circle Dance to Cortijo Romero, taking us on a journey through the year to the highest point of summer.

It can be so easy to let the busyness of everyday life take away from who we are. In the modern world there is a sense of doing, doing, doing and losing touch with why are we here.

The Midsummer Solstice is a powerful point in time; an opportunity to step away from daily activities and reconnect with our source. From time immemorial and across most cultures, this date has been marked and celebrated. The increased hours of daylight activate our hormonal system to literally raise our energy, just as we see in nature when everything is in looking lush and bursting with life.

At Cortijo Romero we will celebrate the solstice this season with sunshine and “Sacred Circle Dance” as lead by June Watts. Circle dances are simple and easy to learn, (it is not about getting it right) and the circle builds a powerful community that holds the group as one. It can be a deep heartwarming experience where the dancers feel the sense of belonging, not just to the group in the moment, but fundamentally, to the beauty of life.

Celebrating Summer, 15th - 22nd June

June Watts and the Sacred Circle Dance:

This will be a week of high joy and inspiration that is also deep and rich! We will travel through the week as if through the year - from the in-breath and the stillness of winter, incubating what we dream for ourselves and celebrating the return of the light at winter solstice; through the exploding joy of spring and the blossoming of our heart's desires to magical Midsummer, the peak of the year, the time of uplifting and expanding, of becoming all that we truly are.

At the summer solstice sunrise at Cortijo Romero this year, at 6.06 am, we could be dancing on the terrace as it appears over the mountainous horizon! We will aim to light a candle from the rays of the solstice sun.

On Solstice evening we will create a ceremony in dance and the lighting of our individual candles from the sun-candle for re-kindling the light and fire of our own spirits.

The week is for anyone who seeks to be more fully who they really are; anyone who seeks a deeper connection with the natural rhythms of the earth and the sun; anyone who would like to be supported as they relax into embodying, through dance, the essence of source. The keynote of the week is celebration!

About Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero is nestled in the glorious mountains of the Sierra Nevada in southern Spain. For 20 years it has been run as a personal development centre committed to giving people much more than just a wonderful holiday. An idyllic location, hidden within an ancient olive grove and cradled by magnificent mountains, Cortijo Romero is the perfect setting to unwind and discover your truth.

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