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Loomyloom.com Launches 5000 Loom Bands Value Pack Refill


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/26/2014 -- Loomyloom.com has announced its 5000 Loom Bands Value Pack Refill for the benefit of young ones who can make the most out of it.

Everyone wants their kids to be entertained and engaged in a positive way, especially when they have a lot of spare time on hand. Parents want to boost their children’s creativity and fuel their imagination as well. Moreover one wants them to take part in activities that help them bond with other kids and thus improve their social skills.

Loom Bands score well on all these counts and they can be a source of exciting fun times for children. To begin with, making these bracelets is a social art that kids of all ages tend to love. They can also make one of a kind jewellery items for themselves and their friends. If they are at an age where they want to make a funky style statement, then these bracelets work rather nicely with them. Now they will have accessories that one doesn’t have to spend a fortune on and helps them stand out too.

This value pack refill also ensures that one can make huge savings while buying Loom Band that can lead to endless fun possibilities for children. They can indulge in their favourite activity of making these bracelets with their friends or family members and bond well with them as well. It’s quite an engaging art that will keep kids occupied for a long time too.

Another reason why this value pack makes sense for kids’ use is that it’s completely safe for them. It’s meant to be 100% silicone, latex and lead free. It is also said to be odourless and non toxic, which makes it quite eco friendly as well. The Rubber Bands used here are created using highest quality material. In all there are 4800 strong but elastic bands that do not break easily.

In fact, the bands found in this pack stretch, which means one has to use less hands. There are 200 clips and 2 hooks included in the pack, making it a comprehensive solution for kids to engage in their favourite, fun filled activity.

About 5000 Loom Bands Value Pack Refill
It is a pack of Loom Bands that works well with any loom kit and has bands in eight exciting colour, which leave kids with myriad exciting options.

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