Loose Leaf Tea - Making the Day Refreshing with Its Unique Flavor and Healthy Benefits

Loose leaf tea is commonly preferred by people due to the good quantity of antioxidants that prevents aging and also removes free radicals from the body.


Fairhope, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2014 -- It's all about quality, when it comes to drinking tea. Although teas in bags (especially the commercial branded tea bags) and loose leaf teas originate from the similar plant, yet there are some factors that impact flavor, quality and long life of the tea. Top quality loose leaf tea is produced from the Camellia sinensis plant’s hand picked sprouts, entire tea leaves, big bits of leaves or perhaps a mixture of these components. The growing conditions and period greatly influence the quality of tea. The tea maintains its unique tastes and features, when all these facets take into consideration.

Moreover, tea bags also liberate extra tannin's than loose teas, providing it a bitter taste to the tea. Generally, both bagged and loose tea has expiration dates. Usually, the tea becomes old after 12 months and may lose taste after 6 months if not stored well. People are advised to store loose leaf teas in storage tins; as these tins have an air tight seal that'll keep premium tea fresh for a long time.

Loose leaf tea gives an artisan look and classy image for tea lovers. One will be amazed with the fragrance, taste, experience, presentation and unveil of the leaf. The entire drinking experience is much better than one’s usual bagged leaf tea in a mug. Hence, it'd be difficult for one to return towards bagged tea after drinking the first cup of best loose leaf tea.

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