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Loose Precious Gemstones with Free Shipping from India

Bello Jewels sells gemstones and jewellery online at great prices. Garnet, citrine, amethyst Sapphire, emerald, ruby, and other precious gemstones and jewellery are sold loose at the online store at highly discounted prices. Certified unmounted gems are also sold at the store.


Mumbai, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2013 -- Gemstones are among the most valued possessions. Whether due to astrological beliefs or simply as a piece of jewellery, every person has an affinity toward gemstones. However, buying a real gemstone would ordinarily cost a fortune. Bello Jewels makes it easier to possess these precious stones at great prices. They sell certified unmounted gems at their online store. The semi precious gems, in the present date, have become an indispensable item as far as astrology is concerned. In fact, they have a deep influence on the life of a person. They have healing properties, which although may seem absurd in an age of technology, has been proven time and again.

Gemstones have come down the generations in the South Asian countries, especially in India for their healing properties and their use in spiritual rituals. Despite their ornamental use, they are believed to have influences on the ways of life and health of a person. The only reason they were deemed precious was that they had positive influences on the lives of the wearers. The crowns of kings and queens had gemstones fitted on them both for embellishment and for the potent powers they contained. They continue to hold positive effects and are thus prescribed by the astrologers. The online store, Bello Jewels, sells loose gemstones like amethyst, cat’s eye, citrine, onyx, opal, jade, rubies emeralds sapphires, aquamarine, ametrine, agate among others at highly rebated prices.

The semi-precious stones and gemstones are available at various sizes and weights at Bello Jewels and the buyer can select according to his suitability and convenience. They sell the stones online for astrological purposes, for purposes of mounting jewellery, and also as unmounted stones. The online store offers cheap prices for handmade jewels India that include a 7 strand citrine, carnelian, emerald & amethyst gemstone choker, handcrafted 5 strand amethyst beaded gemstone necklace, handmade single strand amethyst drops necklace, and handmade designer 7 strand natural amethyst beaded necklace among others.

Bello Jewels also presents a large collection of designer bracelets embellished with precious and semi-precious stones. The untreated lab certified blue sapphire stones from Sri Lanka are available at the store for blue sapphire bracelet, blue sapphire gold diamond pendant and blue sapphire ring along with Ceylonese blue sapphire birthstone. Diamonds that include coloured diamonds and white diamonds in different shapes and sizes can also be purchased here at amazing prices. Moreover, white diamond rings for ceremonial purposes like wedding can be bought at highly discounted rates. Bello Jewels offers free shipping facilities from India on the purchase of precious and semi-precious jewels either in unmounted state or in the form of jewellery.

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Bello Jewels Online offers precious and semi-precious gemstones at highly discounted prices. The gems are available both in unmounted form and as handmade jewellery. For more information on the products available and their prices, visit the website.

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