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Lord Darnley's Announces Availability of Best Bloody Mary Mix Recipes on Website


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2015 -- Setting up a bar to appeal to all breeds of gourmands and cocktail connoisseurs can be an intimidating task. The basics are obvious – gin, rum, vodka, whisky, mixers and garnishes - but these days, party hosts really need to go above and beyond in their prep work to keep up with Pinterest and make a lasting impression. Bloody Marys fit the bill: a standard go-to drink with many elements to switch up, turn on their heads, or nix entirely to create a fresh yet still recognizable take on a classic, Bloody Marys are a great way to show off creativity without scaring guests away with a questionable frankencocktail. Lord Darnley's Best Bloody Mary mix, makers of one of the nation's most popular small-batch, all-natural Bloody Mary mixes, is now providing online recipes for new and old twists on the traditional Bloody Mary, as well as entirely fresh ways to use Bloody Mary mixes in creative cuisine.

With an addictively umami flavor, middle-ground consistency (neither thin like tomato juice, nor unappealingly thick, like many homemade mixtures), and spicy kick, Lord Darnley's Bloody Mary mix blends seamlessly with a variety of different spirits and other alcoholic beverages. On the Lord Darnley's website, readers can find recipes tailor-made for their signature Best Bloody Mary Mix that include creative touches such as swapping liquor for lager, using unique touches, such as pickles, green beans and bacon, for garnishes, and other creative switch-ups and additions that will bolster any Bloody Mary game.

The recipes section also includes a number of different uses for the mix while cooking, a perfect way to ensure no Lord Darnley's goes to waste. Best Bloody Mary Mix can be used in anything from goat cheese dip to gnocchi, meatloaf, "drunken" flank steak, and even grilled chicken wings. All recipes are formulated by Lord Darnleys' founder, so they're perfectly aligned with the nuanced seasoning of this all-natural cocktail mix.

To learn more about Lord Darnley's, or to view their food and drink recipes straight from the source and purchase Best Bloody mix, visit http://www.bestbloody.net.

About Lord Darnley's
Founded by two Bloody Mary lovers after coming up with the perfect recipe, Lord Darnley's is known nationwide for providing the #1 Blood Mary mix, "Best Bloody," sold in gourmet grocery stores, distributors, bars and restaurants alike. The all-natural, high-fructose corn syrup and preservative-free mix is entirely local to PA, from the ingredients to the bottle itself, and distributed wholesale nationwide, as well as to individuals through its online store.

For more information about Lord Darnley's Best Bloody Mary Mix, or for inquiries about wholesale or individual purchase, visit http://www.bestbloody.net.