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Lord Darnley's Best Bloody Mary Mix Is the Perfect Way to Spice Up Holiday Meals


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2015 -- Bloody Marys may be a traditional brunch libation, but their reach is far from limited to pre-noon enjoyment. As a cocktail standard, with dozens of creative twists that can turn the drink on its head while still maintaining the key characteristics that so many of its fans love, Bloody Marys are perfect any time of the day – and Lord Darnley's, purveyor of a celebrated all-natural Bloody Mary mix, poses this question: why not make Bloody Marys a holiday go-to drink?

A good Bloody Mary mix will possess the perfect combination of palate-cleansing spiciness and a hydrating but hefty umami flavor, all while walking the consistency line in a manner that results in a beverage that's far from watery, yet won't go down like a second meal. As a compliment to hors d'oeuvres or the ideal offset to a little too much time spent at the dessert table, Bloody Marys have their place in any family gathering – and for those who choose to go alcohol-free, the mix itself makes an excellent beverage all on its own.

Along with its ability to fit in with any holiday table spread, Lord Darnley's Best Bloody Mary Mix can also be used IN many traditional holiday recipes – minus the booze, the secret mixture is perfect as an ingredient in everything from chicken wing glaze to tomato soup, cheese dip, meatloaf and gnocchi. Those interested in expanding their culinary prowess with the help of Lord Darnley's can check out the company's recipe page for both cocktail ideas and festive holiday-party-appropriate meal and snack ideas.

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About Lord Darnley's
Founded by two Bloody Mary lovers after coming up with the perfect recipe, Lord Darnley's is known nationwide for providing the #1 Blood Mary mix, "Best Bloody," sold in gourmet grocery stores, distributors, bars and restaurants alike. The all-natural, high-fructose corn syrup and preservative-free mix is entirely local to PA, from the ingredients to the bottle itself, and distributed wholesale nationwide, as well as to individuals through its online store.

For more information about Lord Darnley's Best Bloody Mary Mix, or for inquiries about wholesale or individual purchase, visit http://www.bestbloody.net.