Lorraine Roberta Looks to Start Her E-Commerce Naturopathic Startup Venture with Funding Support from GoFundMe

Lorainne wants to start-up an ecommerce venture and to be a self-Employed internet wellness homepreneur.


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- Lorraine Roberta is looking to start a ecommerce naturopathic startup venture. She needs venture funds, to get her ecommerce venture up & running. She needs money for advertising & putting the ecommerce venture together.

Lorraine wants to put together a first class-automated ecommerce venture. She also needs the funds to design a website.

Lorraine is currently on a disability pension & she doesn’t have the venture funds. She has been on disability for 17 years and doesn't have the capital funds. Lorainne always wanted to be her own boss since she was 26 years of age. She has a disability and was never suitable for traditional employment. She has had job performance issues such as being fired, laid-off or downsized. 

Lorainne feels that she would be more stable as self-employed. This would transform her life into a better financial future. Lorainne is 50 years of age now and she would like her parents to see her succeed in life.

The funding goal for this campaign is $200,000.

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