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Los Angeles Aerial Cinematography Now Covers the Entertainment and Sports Industries

Wild Rabbit Productions provides state-of-the-art aerial photography to help filmmakers tell their story.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- A cutting edge Los Angeles aerial cinematography company, Wild Rabbit Productions now uses the latest technology to capture cinematic shots. Filmmakers have a far-reaching resource for creating narratives. The company can apply its technology on a Hollywood studio backlot or anywhere in the world.

Film shots, action sequences, and more are created by pilots and camera operators using camera gimbals and remote drones and helicopters. Aerial images are broadcast wirelessly to directors. These can be adjusted immediately with the help of HD monitors.

Advantages of Los Angeles aerial cinematography include cost savings. Clients do not require manned aircraft or sophisticated cranes. Also, fewer personnel are required to move the equipment into place, while the visuals possible through the service are more dynamic than ever before possible.

Professional cameras are carried aboard custom-built drones. These can be flown at lower altitudes, over water, and between objects such as trees. Unmanned aerial vehicles are equipped with a 3-axis brushless cameral gimbal, developed by Wild Rabbit.

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