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Los Angeles Hot Tubs Announces Opening of New Location

Local company encourages those with health problems to seek therapeutic benefits


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2014 -- According to projected industry statistics recently released, the Hot Tub Manufacturing industry is expected to increase significantly in the coming year. After dismal sales numbers during the recent recession, the recovering economy is expected to boost sales among those with higher disposable incomes. With that in mind, Los Angeles Hot Tubs spokesperson Lynn Dratch is proud and excited to announce the opening of Los Angeles Hot Tubs.

Says Dratch, "Outdoor living trends in the LA area continue to point toward an increasing use of outdoor areas as an extension of indoor living spaces. While some people choose to turn their outdoor patios into extensions of their kitchens or living rooms, still others are embracing the many therapeutic benefits they can receive from hot tubs. Our new location will feature the most knowledgeable, friendly staff ready to answer any and all questions, guiding shoppers through the purchase process."

Hot Tubs have long held a place in medicinal healing. In fact, the writings of the great Greek philosophers, including Plato, Homer, and Hippocrates, show the healing value of heated water was appreciated and well understood. Dratch agrees, saying, "One of the primary health benefits hot tubs offer is that it helps reduce stress. This can not only put you in a better frame of mind, but it can also help you be more relaxed and can improve the type of sleep you get when you go to bed. With less tension, less stress and a relaxed body, better sleep is bound to come and this can equate to a better you."

Dratch also encourages those suffering from high blood pressure to consider one of the many hot tubs LA Hot Tubs will be offering. "While hot tubs may not be the end all be all cure for high blood pressure, hot tubs do help to reduce blood pressure, and can also help improve blood circulation. While you certainly shouldn't throw out your blood pressure medication and you want to continue to watch your diet in order to help reduce your high blood pressure, but any little bit of help is good help and a hot tub has been shown it can help in lowering your blood pressure.

While long gone are the days of the Roman baths and large wooden tubs, today's Hot Tub Dealers in Los Angeles have a lot to offer consumers, says Dratch. "We look forward to meeting the local shoppers and guiding them into their new hot tub."

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