Los Angeles Makeup School (LAMUS)

Los Angeles Makeup School Unveils Various Courses for Users

Offers high quality makeup, hair styling education to those interested


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2015 -- Los Angeles Makeup School – LAMUS has announced different courses that offer students insight into the magical world of makeup, body painting, hair styling and more.

LAMUS is an institution owned by two famous makeup artists from Hollywood, California. The school is renowned for its courses that offer students an insight into beauty secrets, the world of makeup, body painting and hair styling. The school is also known for its innovative approach to teaching, which gives those interested in making a career in the industry for TV, film, print, high fashion, bridal and stage mediums, the cutting edge advantage.

One of the highlights of learning at LAMUS is that it offers students fashion tours to the biggest hotspots in the industry. This Makeup Artist Portfolio Building Program allows students to work with designers and companies. Thus students get a firsthand experience of how the industry functions and what's needed of them as future professionals. The makeup school is the only makeup artist school in the world that offers such exposure to real time photo sessions.

According to CEO and Founder of LAMUS, Tina Krauss, "We realized the need for hands on training for budding makeup artists. This program gives them the desired experience in the real world work environment." But this program is just one of the many features of the school that makes it stand out from the rest. It also works with reputed companies and designers offering students experience of building their catalogues while working on shoots in locations like Tokyo, London, New York, Paris, St. Tropez, Sao Paulo and more.

Students work with designers and get much needed real work experience, which holds them in good stead in their future careers. LAMUS also helps students create attractive portfolios and website, which showcases their work to the hilt. It believes in teaching students the latest tricks and techniques in small class sizes so that they get optimal attention. Top quality cosmetics and kits are used to offer students the best experience. By opting for courses at the school, those interested in making a career in makeup industry can take a step in the right direction.

About Los Angeles Makeup School (LAMUS)
It is a makeup school from two renowned female makeup artists in Hollywood, California. It strives to teach brilliant makeup techniques, body painting and a whole lot more to enthusiasts and future professionals.

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