Los Angeles Production Team Launches Indiegogo for Cuban Spy Film

Based On Real Events, a Thriller of a 13 Year Old Spy's Ordeals


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2014 -- In Los Angeles, a man seeks to clear his name. Charged with counterfeiting, this man, who has adopted the United States as his country must now prove he was working with U.S. intelligence at the time. Due to the sensitive nature of the evidence, the records are sealed and as he makes attempts to have them declassified to clear his name, the agencies who were embarrassed by the case seek to hide what happened and who made it happen even more. Based on the true life events in the life of Dr. J. Anthony del Marmol, The Zipper I: Conception of Conspiracy is a film four decades in the making and now a talented production team has come together and launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funding to take the film into production and beyond.

About Cuban Lightning Enterprises
Cuban Lightning Enterprises was formed by Dr. del Marmol to tell his tale of rising from his origins in 1959 as the Little Commander in Castro's army to his transformation through the 1960s into the Little Spy, working with the Freedom Fighters and passing secrets to the US directly from Castro and Guevara's briefcases undetected for 10 years. In 1971, his cover is blown, and he has to flee for his life through jungles, swamps, and minefields, culminating in snorkeling for 12 hours to get into the US Navy base at Guantanamo. He currently has three published novels in the marketplace (Cuba: Russian Roulette of America, The Zipper, and Cuba: Russian Roulette of the World). All written materials are ready to make available for whatever production company may acquire the project.

A project of this magnitude cannot be accomplished as a short film or low budget studio feature, but rather requires a name cast a production crew, which requires funding on a larger scale and thus why the company chose to work with an Indiegogo campaign. Rewards offered are more than receipt of a signed DVD and movie premiere tickets – some rewards allow background work as an actor on the film, time with the cast, insider information about the film from the production set as well as IMDB credible credits on the film. The higher-end packages even include an actual spy device used by intelligence forces.

For more information, visit The Zipper I - Conception of Conspiracy Project

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