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Los Angeles Unlawful Detainer Assistance Rises for Tenants Facing Eviction


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/22/2013 -- Tenants in Southern California are in increasing need for Los Angeles unlawful detainer assistance in order to stay in the residence as they resolve issues with their landlords, reports several consumer organizations devoted to battling abusive evictions. The pro-tenant response to an unlawful detainer summons is most typically an 866 procedure that answers the complaint by bringing up counter claims that must be answered before the eviction process can continue. Those individuals undergoing evictions report consistent success in extending the proceedings using this method.

Some tenants are faced with eviction proceedings brought against them for no legitimate reason, but can be limited or overwhelmed in understanding how to fight the action. The services of a registered Los Angeles unlawful detainer assistant can be invaluable in promptly and effectively answering the eviction notice and summons. "Consulting with experts who are versed in crafting an answer to the unlawful detainer summons," according to one eviction expert, "vastly improves the likelihood for clients to stay in their home long enough to reverse the financial circumstances that led to the crisis.”

The use of a service to assist in challenging the unlawful detainer action can result in educating both sides of the eviction dispute, leading to faster settlements. In Los Angeles, observers maintain, landlords often do not understand that only nonpayment of rent or violations of the lease can justify eviction. Merely objecting to a larger number of occupants than the landlord desires does not qualify (so long as the legal requirements are met of 250 ft. for five people). Discrimination, e.g. against families with children, is also prohibited. Answering an unlawful detainer creates an extension that restores balance to the issue and eliminates unneeded stress placed upon one party in a landlord-tenant dispute.

In Los Angeles, unlawful detainer assistance services are increasingly being employed, to address staying or adjourning landlord complaints long enough to prevent unneeded and unjust evictions from occurring. Eliminating bogus eviction claims can prevent distressed tenants from being needlessly railroaded out of their residences. Tenant supporters have expressed that additional measures (such as properly documenting the tenant’s side of an issue) can speedily resolve disputes or prevent abusive unlawful detainer actions from being initiated, or aid in the prompt response to a summons.


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