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Los Angeles Printing Company Goes Green

Los Angeles printing company Mir Print & Graphics is becoming eco-friendly by utilizing recycled paper and other green alternatives.


Canoga Park, California -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2011 -- Los Angeles printing shop Mir Print & Graphics is making a commitment to the global environment by taking measures to be more eco-friendly. The printing business is taking part in paper recycling programs and is not using harmful chemicals in its printing.

"We're proud to say that we're one of the only green printing companies near Los Angeles," notes Robert Mirzakhanian, owner of Mir Print, a catalog printing company. "We're continually seeking new methods of helping the environment."

Mir Print's service prints on paper with a 50 percent recycled content and the business also recycles the wasted paper that is unavoidably produced during the process of printing. The print shop even supports others in their paper recycling efforts. "We want to make it simple for other people to recycle," explains Mirzakhanian, whose company also offers brochure printing services. "Anybody with unwanted paper to discard can swing by our shop and give it to us. We'll recycle their paper for them."

Mir's print service has also made the decision to utilize chemicals and inks without volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The production and disposal of VOCs is often harmful to the atmosphere. VOCs can also damage the indoor air quality (IAQ) of a business or home; IAQ is an issue that many environmentalists have been concerned about recently. "Breathing in VOCs constantly can be damaging to the human body in different ways," says Mirzakhanian, whose business provides custom printed boxes production. "By employing zero-VOC inks and chemicals, Mir Print a printing services company is helping to protect the planet, improving the IAQ in our shop and preventing potential health problems for our employees."

"When there is such waste and pollution planet-wide, it's critical that each person does their part," observes Mirzakhanian. "Being eco-friendly is how we try to protect the planet. It never compromises our printed products' quality - and our clients are appreciative of our commitment to the environment."

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