Lose Weight and Gain Friends at ZYN22 This Summer and Beyond


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2017 -- They say laughter is the best medicine. At ZYN22, they believe exercise is the best medicine and urge anyone serious about getting in shape to visit one of their locations throughout Texas this summer.

Most gyms provide programs and classes to help get their members in better physical condition. But ZYN22 offers so much more than that. Attending their cardio classes in Fort Worth, TX can be a positive life-changing experience physically, mentally, and socially. In fact, it was for Tyler.

Overweight and depressed, Tyler decided to move to Dallas, where he only knew one person, his sister. Seeking a lifestyle change, he joined a gym, but it wasn't doing the trick. Then he found out about ZYN22. Working hard and sweating out in the Dome with his new friends, Tyler reached his goal of losing 45 pounds. It changed both his life physically and mentally. To learn more about Tyler's amazing experience at ZYN22, individuals are welcome to read their blog.

With the extreme heat of the summer on the horizon, ZYN22 knows that many people will be taking the time to get more active. By fusing together weight training and cardio, ZYN22 enables members to have the ultimate full body workout. Therefore, those in search of indoor cycling classes in Texas are urged to check out the Dome at ZYN22. Individuals should expect to work hard, make friends, and sweat it out together. Those who are interested in ZYN22 or would like to find the closest location can feel free to visit their website today.

About ZYN22
Rapidly becoming a widespread sensation, ZYN22 takes a modern, holistic approach to getting fit. The body-spirit renewal workout regimen is more than just an indoor cycling class - it's designed to improve the quality of life so that it can be lived to the fullest. Weight training, cardio, and dancing is combined to uplift the spirit while enhancing the body for a unique fitness experience. ZYN22 is the ultimate sweat therapy for encircling the mind, body, and spirit.

For more information about ZYN22, visit http://www.zyn22.com.