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Diet Doc’s hCG diet treatments and fat burning weight loss supplements help patients stick to their diets, lose weight fast and combat obesity rates, which, according to a new study, are continuing to climb.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2013 -- Even with the many health policies initiated by the government, it is clear that weight gain and obesity continue to be a major health care issue in the United States and abroad. And, with recent news headlines like Medical News Today reporting that obesity rates are continuing to rise, finding a diet plan to lose weight fast is becoming more important than ever for people in San Antonio. Fortunately, Diet Doc has created effective hCG diet treatments and weight loss supplements that not only increase the speed that patients see results and lose weight fast, they also eliminate unnecessary side effects commonly associated with dieting, such as intense cravings or fatigue.

A new report, compiled by researchers at GlobalData, looked at nine major countries (the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Japan, Brazil and Canada), and found that the current number of obese people in these areas will increase from 167 million in 2012 to 213 million in 2022. Additionally, researchers determined that Americans will be most affected by obesity, with 81 million expected to be overweight and 113 million obese by 2022. Diet Doc understands that action must be taken to combat these rising rates of obesity in America and is steadily helping their clients lose weight fast with hCG diet treatments and weight loss supplements. Their programs have successfully helped thousands of people in San Antonio, and across the United States, lose weight fast and create healthier, happier lives free from obesity and weight-related disease and illness.

Diet Doc’s hCG diet treatments consist of an all-natural hormone usually produced by pregnant women. This hormone was first isolated in the 1950s by researcher A.T.W. Simeons and was found to act as a protective barrier to the growing fetus when the mother did not have immediate access to food. hCG mobilizes excess fat buildup in the mother’s body and directs that fat to the fetus for nutrition. When used as a dieting tool in hCG diet treatments, hCG continues to target excess fat storage, but instead of directing that fat to a fetus it is flushed out of the patient’s body.

hCG diet treatments are used in conjunction with Diet Doc’s other exclusive weight loss supplements to control negative side effects associated with a reduced caloric intake. In addition to flushing excess fat from the patient’s body, hCG diet treatments were also found to significantly decrease the patient’s appetite, allowing them to limit or eliminate the unhealthy foods they have grown accustomed to without much of a struggle. And, because Diet Doc’s programs are designed to target each patient’s personal needs and to help them lose weight fast the best way for their body, Diet Doc offers a variety of fast weight loss supplements in addition to their treatments.

A popular choice for controlling intense cravings and urges to overeat are Diet Doc’s specially formulated Slim Down weight loss supplements that block the absorption of sugar and directly suppress the appetite. Because these weight loss supplements are enhanced with vitamin B12 and a small amount of caffeine, patients can also reduce any feelings of fatigue or weakness without feeling jittery or anxious. Being able to control what the patient eats without struggling to fight cravings helps patients maintain their program and lose weight fast.

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