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Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- Being overweight and experiencing the harmful weight-based stereotypes and rejection associated with being overweight has many people trying to figure out how to lose weight fast. Many studies have been performed and have revealed the extensive prejudice and stigmas employed by adults, but a recent study revealed how even the youngest members of society perceive people who are overweight and demonstrated astonishing results. Diet Doc’s hCG diets offer their clients relief from the judgment and painful exclusion from society through education on healthy eating habits, prescription weight loss aids and the support and guidance of the Diet Doc team that allows patients to lose weight fast. Diet Doc is committed to helping patients create a healthier, happier lifestyle by showing their clients how to lose weight fast through hCG diets.

There are many articles that have been written on stereotypes associated with people who are overweight and studies that reveal the effect these stereotypes have on overweight people. These studies indicate no immunity from negative weight-based stigmas regardless of age, gender or health status. A brand new study looked at the opposing end of these stereotypes and considered whether age had an impact on the person who is judging overweight individuals.

Researchers with the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom presented school aged children with storybooks involving both normal weight and overweight characters. After the story was read, the children were asked questions about the characters and overwhelmingly felt that the overweight character would have less friends, be less successful in school and be less likely to win a race. As reported by Medical News Today, Professor Andrew Hill, a researcher on this study, stated, “These responses are early indications of the views accepted as typical of older children and which may underpin weight-related victimization of peers." Diet Doc’s hCG diets are dedicated to helping patients lose weight fast to not only to aid in ending these painful stereotypes but to also allow patients to lead fuller, healthier lives.

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Diet Doc achieves effective and fast weight loss through the use of prescription strength hCG treatments combined with a complete overhaul of patients’ eating habits. All patients work closely with Diet Doc’s team of weight loss professionals to design hCG diet plans around their individual food preference, health concerns and lifestyle choices. This team is made up of experienced weight loss professionals who want their patients to successfully lose weight fast and begin leading healthier, weight-based prejudice free lives. To assure that patients are able to successfully lose weight fast through hCG diets, nurses, physicians and certified nutritionists are available for unlimited consultations six days per week. Patients who have questions about hCG diets or simply need support or encouragement are able to contact the Diet Doc team and speak directly to a weight loss coach experienced in helping patients lose weight fast. Diet Doc wants all patients to live free of excess weight and negative stigmas for a lifetime of healthy living.

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