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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans: Patients Lose Weight Fast and Overcome Workplace Challenges That Lead to Weight Gain and Obesity

A new study indicates that where someone works can contribute to obesity; however, Diet Doc’s hCG diets offer patients the ability to lose weight fast and control over unhealthy lifestyles.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/25/2013 -- In a study released this week by the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, researchers found that where an individual works can have serious consequences for the employee’s overall health and well-being. Specifically, employees in the transportation and manufacturing industries had the highest obesity ratings among a group of 14 industries surveyed including health care industries, executives and construction. While many factors contribute to the obesity epidemic Americans are facing today, this survey found that less exercise, unhealthy eating and a history of depression were key contributors to obesity and overweight workers in these specific industries. As reported by CNBC, former transit worker, Ed Watt, describes the conditions that create a work environment conducive for weight gain, “First the sedentary nature of the work, sitting much of the day with the inability to move around, even for bathroom breaks. The second is the mobile nature of the job leaves poor food choices. So fast food rules." Diet Doc believes that fast food and obesity do not have to rule and that patients can take control of their eating habits and lifestyle choices to lose weight fast and maintain their weight over time. Through uniquely designed hCG diets, clients learn how to create a healthy, more active lifestyle with nutrient rich foods and snacks that help patients lose weight fast.

There are many avenues for addressing the obesity epidemic but Diet Doc believes that medically supervised weight loss through hCG diets is the quickest and most sustaining way for patients to lose weight fast. After an extensive evaluation, potential patients consult with a Diet Doc physician to determine whether there are any medical issues or internal imbalances that may be inhibiting weight loss or causing weight gain. Any weight loss aids, including prescription strength hCG treatments, will be discuss and prescribed as part of patients’ hCG diets during this consultation. Diet Doc believes that the combination of prescription weight loss aids and the team of weight loss experts available to all Diet Doc patients for education and support during their weight loss journey can allow patients to overcome challenges in the workplace that may lead to weight gain.

While hCG treatments will help patients lose weight fast and successfully conquer initial weight loss hurdles, Diet Doc’s hCG diet plans focus on allowing patients to maintain their weight in the future through a complete lifestyle transformation and healthy eating habits. Because hCG diets are designed specifically for each patient around their food preferences, lifestyle choices, age and gender, patients are more likely to be successful in learning how to lose weight fast and how to maintain that weight over time. Diet Doc understands that it is not always easy to lose weight fast and developed hCG diets to give patients a faster, more efficient road to weight loss and weight maintenance. Patients have unlimited access to certified nutritionists, nurses and physicians six days per week to answer any health or weight related questions and to receive guidance and suggestions for how to lose weight fast.

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