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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Are Now the Most Advanced and Effective Weight Loss Diets That Help Patients Lose Weight Fast

Diet Doc’s hCG weight loss diets have decades of proven successful results where patients lose weight fast and control overeating learned in infancy, according to a new study.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- Unhealthy eating habits can grow worse over time and make it difficult to begin to lose weight fast with education on healthy eating and weight loss diets. A new study performed at Brigham Young University suggests that those unhealthy habits may not have been formed in adolescence or adulthood, but instead it is believed that overeating is actually learned during infancy. Whenever poor eating habits are learned or acquired, Diet Doc’s hCG weight loss diets address unhealthy routines, educate patients on proper nutrition and help patients transform their lives and begin to lose weight fast. Through their hCG weight loss diets, Diet Doc is committed to doing their part to address the obesity epidemic and weight management struggles Americans are facing today.

Lead by researchers and sociology professors Ben Gibbs and Renata Forste, this new study considered whether encouraging infants to consume more calories would begin unhealthy eating habits that could carry into adulthood. During their analysis of over 8,000 families, Gibbs and Forste noted that many feeding patterns, such as putting a child to bed with a bottle or encouraging a child to clear their dinner plate, appear to promote childhood obesity. As reported by Medical News Today, Forste stated, "If you are overweight at age two, it puts you on a trajectory where you are likely to be overweight into middle childhood and adolescence and as an adult." Diet Doc offers patients that have been struggling to lose weight fast and end to their struggle through hCG diets. Joining the Diet Doc team of physicians, nurses and certified nutritionists will allow patients to address their unhealthy eating habits, develop an appreciation for proper nutrition and, most importantly, begin to lose weight fast.

Diet Doc’s hCG weight loss diets use a combination of medically supervised hCG treatments and effective education on foods rich in essential elements and minerals that provide patients the energy they need to lead more active lives. After completing an extensive health history evaluation, patients will speak with a Diet Doc physician to determine which weight loss aids will be most beneficial to allow them to lose weight fast with their hCG weight loss diets. Patients can choose to receive their hCG treatments through oral drops, sublingual tablets or, the most popular form, injectable hCG solution. hCG solution offers convenient medically supervised weight loss and appetite suppression while enhancing patients’ energy with vitamin B12 that enhances the solution.

Because hCG acts as a potent appetite suppressant, patients are able to reevaluate their eating patterns and determine which calories best suit their physical needs. Patients will also be able to consume fewer calories without between-meal cravings and uncontrollable hunger, and will begin to lose weight fast almost immediately. Diet Doc’s team of certified nutritionists work closely with patients to develop meal and snack plans that provide proper nutrition and leave patients feeling satisfied while still allowing them to lose weight fast. Over time, patients following the protocol for Diet Doc’s weight loss diets will learn to make healthy eating choices on their own and will see significant changes in their weight and their lifestyle overall.

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