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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Releases My Diet Doc Health Questionnaire; a Perfect Addition to Help Patient's Lose Weight Fast

Diet Doc releases My Diet Doc Health Questionnaire, a perfect addition to their prescription hCG diets to help clients lose weight fast.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2013 -- Diet Doc released an intuitive new Health Questionnaire that helps patients lose weight fast by reviewing all the systems that directly affect weight as well as overall health. It reviews bodily systems such as digestive health, liver and kidneys, blood sugar, immune system, brain function, and metabolism. This health questionnaire was developed in collaboration with Metagenics, nutritional supplement specialists who are renowned for their knowledge of diet supplements. A perfect addition to Diet Doc’s prescription hCG diets for losing weight fast, lose weight fast has been designed to help patients determine their body’s strengths and weaknesses and it offers unique and patient-specific results. It assists those who would like to know how to lose weight fast by asking them the right questions and helping them develop a clear understanding of their symptoms.

The dedicated and experienced team of doctors and nutritionists at Diet Doc who formulated prescription hCG diets for losing weight fast worked with Metagenics to create this online health guide that uses symptoms as a baseline to determine organ function in patients. The tool also offers suggestions regarding suitable diet supplements that would improve organ function in patients, thereby triggering the best weight loss. Offered to all new patients for free, My Diet Doc Health Questionnaire prevents the problem of an ‘information overload’ associated with seeking answers from the internet regarding their questions about how to lose weight fast. People feel overwhelmed because of the enormous volume of data available through multiple sources of information. All that patients have to do is complete the detailed symptom-based questionnaire created to determine the possible causes that not only trigger health problems but also hinder fast weight loss.

With a 98% success rate, Diet Doc’s prescription hCG diet plans have proven to be extremely effective in helping patients lose weight fast and safely. My Diet Doc Health Questionnaire is based on the premise that once all of the underlying health problems that hinder the best weight loss available are identified, patients start losing weight fast. When following the company's doctor supervised hCG diets and customized nutrition plans, weight loss is increased exponentially. Every patient undergoes a detailed medical evaluation at the beginning of the doctor supervised program based on their health history, age, gender, lifestyle, and preferences which will identify their unique diet and nutrition requirements. As a leading provider of personalized diet solutions for over a decade, Diet Doc’s personalized approach to the process of losing weight fast sets them apart from their competitors. The unlimited support that their team comprised of doctors, physicians, nutritionists, and weight loss coaches offers patients unprecedented success while on a closely monitored prescription hCG diet. After identifying poorly performing organ systems that cause weight gain, memory and mood problems, male and female sexual health problems, fatigue, and more using this health Questionnaire, patients can expect to feel better in many areas within 30 days.

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