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New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2012 -- After 'American Idol' star Mandisa opened up about her recent 120 pound weight loss after debuting her new figure on "Good Morning America", the weight loss supplement company maXreduce announced a new free offer inspired by the singer's success. The 'American Idol' star who was famously mocked by judge Simon Cowell during her time on the show, opened up to the morning news program about her successful weight loss and how she avoided drastic procedures like weight loss surgery and still lost 120 pounds. The professionals behind the weight loss supplement maXreduce are announcing their new free offer for the many men and women around the country, inspired by the Grammy winner's recent weight loss, so they too can get drastic results without surgery.

The new offer from the weight loss company is providing buyers with a free bottle of the safe and natural maXreduce weight loss supplement once they buy two products. The company hopes that the limited time offer will inspire those looking to lose substantial amounts of weight, like Mandisa to take the important initial step in starting their weight loss journey. After the 'American Idol' star inspired many by talking of her own struggles to dedicate herself to her weight loss goals, the company announced their new free bottle offer, which they will be offering to interested dieters for a limited time.

The new promotional offer is designed to help people lost weight fast and is those who has a substantial amount of weight to lose reach their weight loss goals in a safe and healthy way as with the help of the supplement many people are able to get drastic, surgery-like results without the expensive and invasive procedures. The supplement is a safe and effective weight loss solution shown to be the fastest way to lose weight for those who need to.

The current weight loss promotion is giving users a free bottle of the maXreduce supplement when they buy two bottles at the normal price. The Mandisa inspired promotion is being offered for a limited time and is currently free for any interested individual through the company website.

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