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Lose Weight Safely and Easily With Nuratrim, a Revolutionary and New All-Natural Product


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2011 -- The New Year is just around the corner and with it comes the promise of resolutions. For many people, these will center around the desire to finally lose weight.

But as anyone who has ever been on a diet knows all too well, losing weight can be a very challenging and frustrating experience. Many who start the year determined to drop a size or two will give up within a few weeks.

A new product is already getting a lot of attention for its proven ability to help people lose weight quickly, safely, and without any harmful side effects. Nuratrim® contains a blend of leading edge, scientifically-proven weight loss ingredients that work together by boosting energy levels, digestion, and metabolism.

As an article on Nuratrim’s official website explains, the company’s team of health experts understands that most people need more than will power to help resist temptation when it comes to staying on a diet.

“They have formulated a safe and extremely effective natural, proven weight loss supplement that allows you to stick to a healthy balanced diet. You take one capsule per day with breakfast and Nuratrim will start working straight away without any nasty side effects normally associated with diet supplements.”

Thanks to the increased energy levels, most people find it easier to stay motivated to exercise and burn off extra calories. Just to clarify, Nuratrim does not contain any harmful stimulants often found in other diet formulas.

Nuratrim is made up of four key ingredients: glucomannan—an incredibly rich source of dietary fiber derived from the konjac root; licorice extract—an herbal supplement that has been shown in studies to help speed up metabolism; green coffee—which was found in a double-blind, 4-week clinical study to help with weight loss; and “Capsiplex,” which includes a proprietary blend of capsicum extract from hot peppers, caffeine, piperine, and niacin and works to increase the resting metabolic rate while burning carbs and fat.

The official website also features customer testimonials, before and after photos, and for those who wish to buy Nuratrim, product information and an online order form. Customers hoping for a Nuratrim discount are in luck—the site is currently featuring a buy 4, get 2 free and a buy 3, get 1 free sale on the weight loss supplement.

About Nuratrim
Nuratrim is a weight management food supplement consisting of capsules that are taken once a day with breakfast. Nuratrim is made of a unique formula that can help reduce the amount of calories people eat by 20 percent while increasing their metabolism. Nuratrim is safe, effective, and all-natural. For more information, please visit http://losingbellyfat101.com/supplements/nuratrim-how-does-it-work