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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Reveal New Ketogenic Diet Programs That Burn Fat and End Embarrassing Fat Jokes About Needing to Lose Weight

With prescription hormone treatments designed to control the appetite and burn fat that has become the source of fat jokes, Diet Doc’s ketogenic diet programs help their clients quickly lose weight without any of the discomfort commonly seen with dieting.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- For those people in Charleston trying to lose weight fast, being the target of fat jokes provides them with motivation to find a diet plan that works. Diet Doc created their exclusive ketogenic diet programs to help their clients in West Virginia and all across the United States, quickly lose weight, eliminate the cause for hurtful fat jokes and improve their overall weight-related quality of life. By completing Diet Doc’s ketogenic diet plan, thousands of clients have trained their bodies to burn fat for energy, have begun seeing rapid, effective results and have been able to sustain their weight loss over time.

Ketogenic diet programs were initially designed to assist those suffering from seizures; but, over time, researchers realized the benefits that following a ketogenic diet provides for people who are struggling to lose weight. While the body can become accustomed to burning calories from processed carbohydrates for fuel, eliminating those carbohydrates during a ketogenic diet forces the patient’s body to seek out a new source for their energy. Diet Doc nutritionists, specially trained in the most effective methods to lose weight with these types of diet programs, created a ketogenic diet plan rich in foods with essential elements and nutrients that encourages the patient’s body to turn to excess stored fat for energy instead. As stored fat is consumed for energy, patients will begin to lose weight and rid themselves of any reason to be the target of fat jokes.

Diet Doc’s ketogenic diets are unique in their field because they combine a healthy, carbohydrate free, meal and snack plan with prescription hormone treatments designed to flush excess fat out of the body for faster results. Patients can choose to receive their prescription hormone treatments as an oral drop, sublingual tablet or as an injectable solution. While each form of these treatments will allow patients to rapidly lose weight and eliminate the cause for fat jokes, many patients choose to receive their hormone treatments as an injectable solution because it has been enhanced with vitamin B12 to increase their energy levels throughout the day. Whichever form the patient chooses, they can feel confident that they will soon remove any reason for being the target of fat jokes.

Diet Doc’s prescription hormone treatments also provide clients with the ability to control their appetite for unhealthy, high carb foods that can derail any dieter’s attempts to lose weight. Physicians, trained techniques for safely suppressing temptations to overeat, developed Diet Doc’s hormone treatments so that clients could have the opportunity to reevaluate their eating habits and begin consuming foods that will help them reach their fast weight loss goals.

Diet Doc is committed to helping their clients, many of who have become the targets of fat jokes, begin to reach for their weight loss goals and quickly achieve a healthier, more active future. Through their programs, Diet Doc patient report safe and fast weight loss without the negative side effects of dieting commonly seen with other, fad diet plans.

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