The Healthy Back Institute Gains Attention Due to Their Best Selling Self Treatment Back Pain Program


Burlington, VT -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2013 -- Back pain is an incredibly common condition. It is the source of a large amount of pain for a large number of people, and the cause of a huge number of workplace absences. Many people think their back pain is a chronic condition that they will always have to suffer through, but in fact there are many ways to successfully manage back pain and limit the negative impact it can have on the quality of life of sufferers.

One back pain related website that is getting a lot of attention is Lose The Back Pain a site that helps people eradicate their back pain from their lives. The site is the home of the Healthy Back Institute, a highly respected back pain rehabilitation company. They have built a substantial reputation for providing extremely helpful information on back pain.

The Healthy Back Institute was founded by one of the country’s leading fitness and rehabilitation experts Jesse Cannone and highly accomplished massage therapist Steve Hefferon. Using their combined knowledge and experience, they created the Lose The Back Pain system, an incredibly effective set of techniques that helps people deal with their back pain on their own. offers this best selling program, along with a huge number of other back pain products. The site also gives away some incredibly useful information for free, including a free copy of “The Seven Day Back Pain Cure” by Jesse Cannone and many downloadable free guides. The Lose The Back Pain Blog also contains a plethora of insightful editorial content on everything from rehabilitation, prevention and through to pain management. The blog focuses on specific conditions such as sciatica ( and discusses the nature of the injury, common misconceptions and most importantly how to treat the condition.

A spokesperson for the site said: “We’ve been helping people deal with their back pain for 11 years, in a variety of different ways. Our first product, the Lose The Back Pain system, is still the most effective product on the market for people to diagnose and treat their own back pain. Every year it improves the quality of life of thousands of people. In addition to this revolutionary system, we also provide helpful back pain products like chairs and cushions to help people prevent back pain from reoccurring as a result of environmental factors. On the website we have full information about our program, as well as a wealth of other information on back pain.”

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