Losing Pregnancy Weight? Mom of Four Answers


Provo, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2013 -- Lorraine Wilson, the author of, and a mother of four children gives her experience with her trials and challenges of losing her baby weight, four times.

Lorraine Wilson is a mother of four. She understands the challenges women face after giving birth; losing that pregnancy weight. She has had tried almost anything you could think of: diets, exercise DVDs, gym memberships, various concoction of drinks and smoothies, and eating nothing but one type of food for an extended time such as allowing herself only lettuce and cabbage soup.

"I know being overweight isn't good for your health, but I honestly think I probably did more damage trying to lose the baby weight," notes Wilson. She has for all her trouble, her weight issues only got further out of hand with each pregnancy. The push came when Wilson and her husband started thinking of the possibility of having another baby.

No longer willing to gain more weight, Wilson set out to find a solution that she could stick to long-term. That's when she came across a program called Pregnancy Without Pounds by Michelle Moss, a comprehensive collection of information and tools.

Moss brings over 15 years of experience in coaching women in health, eating, and exercise. The program is divided into two programs; one for the actual pregnancy and one specifically designed for post-pregnancy.

Wilson affirms, "There was something about this program that seemed to make sense. It didn't seem full of hype and I really felt that it would work for me. I ordered the program and was very happy to find out that Michelle wrote everything in a very down-to-earth manner that was easy to understand without making everything complicated."

Her experience with the program was so positive that Wilson decided to create a small blog providing an in-depth review about the program covering everything from the chapters of the ebooks, to their formats and uses, her likes and dislikes, and finally her recommendation to those who may be interested.

When asked about her blog, Wilson commented, "I have women asking if this really works and all I can say is that it did for me. But I know that not everyone is the same and some will be still hesitant about making the decision. That's why I wrote my review. It talks about everything in the book. Every single chapter and what it covers. I think by the time anyone is done reading the review, they will feel like they almost have read the book."

Lorraine Wilson has been approached by few websites to be panel expert and dispense pregnancy weight loss advice. So far, she has turned them all down in favor of spending more time with her family and four children. The only two pieces of advice she gives out readily is to not set weight loss during pregnancy as a goal as weight gain/loss during pregnancy must be closely tracked by a physician and to read her review and give the Pregnancy Without Pounds an honest try.

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Lorraine Wilson is the creator of She lives with her husband and four children and can be contacted via her website's contact page.

Lorraine Wilson
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