New Cutting Edge Diet and Exercise Plan, the Venus Factor, Promises Women a Quick Road to Hourglass Figure

The problem of how to quickly and safely get an “movie star” body has been answered for women with the brand new Venus Factor diet and exercise plan to rave reviews.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2014 -- The facts are in. Women who want to lose fat fast are making a huge mistake following exercise and diet plans meant for men. It's a recipe for failure and disappointment. Fortunately a weight loss program is on the scene, the Venus Factor, designed strictly for women and the results are like nothing else available on the market today.

The Venus Factor is being described by experts as the “perfect” strategy for women to master their metabolism, learn to eat right and exercise in a way that guaranteed to address their needs and their bodies in a way that brings results at breakneck speeds. Gone are the days of a woman training like a man and ending up quitting in frustration.

John Barban, a fitness expert who is one of the minds behind the Venus Factor said, “Generic diets for men have set your metabolism up to fail enough. It’s time for a solution that truly works with your female metabolism instead of against it that ensures your success.”

This not only makes good sense, but the science behind the Venus Factor is also impressive. Strategies to maximize metabolism, understand the ins and outs of leptin, to know what and when to eat and other secrets are all packed into the program without an ounce of fluff.

Women are seeing impressive results and responding with enthusiastic reviews to the diet and exercise plan, that addresses their needs and concerns with precision.

Amy Stein, a school teacher from New York, commented, “I almost gave up on losing the extra 25lbs I packed on after having my baby. I tried a few different diets, including some of the biggest names out there and I didn't lose much. What I did lose, I put pack on. The Venus Factor changed all that. I lost the 25lbs and an extra 5 lbs on top of that. Now I'm in the best shape of my life and I hardly felt like I dieted at all. No more programs for men for me. I'm sticking with the Venus Factor.”

The Venus Factor comes complete with ebook guides, videos, a workout system and even a “virtual” nutritionist. It's a total package for the woman who wants to reclaim her hourglass figure and make heads turn left and right.

For more information on the Venus Factor or to place an order visit the Venus Factor website here.

About the author: James C.
James C. is not a fat burning professional but he is one of those who have actually tried the Venus Factor program. Because of the positive results, he began his own fitness business to help others get in shape as he did.