Lotto Mining Company Predicts for Power Ball on Mar 26


Milpitas, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2014 -- Priza Technologies Inc., a Silicon Valley data mining company has developed advanced data mining techniques to predict lotto numbers for Power Ball draw on Mar 26, 2014, Mega Million draw on Mar 25, 2014 and Super Lotto draw on Mar 26, 2014. They also claim to have predicted Mar 7, 11, 14, 17, 21 Mega Million correctly. They claim that their predictions are 5 times more likely to win the Jackpot over Quickpick.

Shalender, the CEO of Priza Technologies says that total number of combinations in Power Ball are 175 million but the number of predictions they do is 35 million including the power ball. He further said that the company is currently working on android apps to provide these predictions in real time for all kinds of draws, including the real time Hotspot. They claim that these predictions are bound to be better than a normal quick pick because they plan to give different intelligent predictions to different people. If 3.5 million people are signed on to their service and each of the subscriber buys 10 tickets then the total number of different tickets is 50 million. With 50 million different tickets it is highly likely that one of the subscriber will hit the jackpot. Similarly the total number of combinations for Mega Million are 250 million but Priza's number of predictions of most likely numbers is 50 million, an improvement of chance by 5x. They were able to correctly predict the jackpot for last 5 times for Mega Million.

You find the predictions at: complete past and future predictions can be found at: Priza predicts that in future people will start using their app instead of Quick Pick. For the people who do not like to put black pen marks for each of the 10 tickets, they plan to sell portable printers directly connected to their predictions, which will print the dots on the forms. Priza recommends people to download the predictions from the above links and match it with the results when on Mar 26.

Priza is also planning to start a special recommendation service for Hot Spots. They claim that progressive bidding will give a positive return of investment for all multiplier chance lotteries but the amount of invested money increases a lot for anyone to physically get those tickets. A network based real time recommendation can solve this problem and people can make money from Hot Spots. They plan to start a recommendation service for HotSpot as soon as various operational aspects of it can be sorted out.

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About Priza Technologies
Priza Technologies is a patter recognition and data mining software company. It specializes in data mining and computer vision. Priza has an exceptionally talented and competent team and tieups to execute and deliver production quality software.