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Lotto System Previously Used for Multiple Wins Released to Public for Limited Time


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- Lottery guru and owner of website, Sam Schwarzkopf, has decided to open the barricades to his reservoir of proven lotto tips. Schwarzkopf's tips have been amassed over several years and are based on the successful strategies of several winners all with multiple top prizes under their belts.

The website is the brainchild of a, self diagnosed, lottery obsessive.

Schwarzkopf acknowledges that he had spent years studying lottery patterns and number sequences before finally coming to realise that he just wasn’t smart enough to break the lotto code himself. Luckily though his determination and true "never give up" grit eventually led him to the people who were smart enough.

Initially he wanted to answer the question what are the chances of winning the lottery – really? but soon found the question to be irrelevant.

With odds of 14 million to 1 against landing a jackpot win on a standard 6 from 49 lotto game it would seem that winning twice (or more) would have to be down to a pure miracle and amazing luck. Yet Schwarzkopf’s investigations uncovered many such instances of multiple wins and usually by people who seemed to, "coincidently", have a background in number crunching.

Although this information itself is interesting it wasn’t until he investigated 3 separate peculiar lotto winners that he really knew that he was on to something.

Sam realised pretty early in his research that when a person can beat out the chances of winning the lottery that are 14 to million to 1 against, not just once but multiple times, then it was obvious that more than luck must be at play.

However, when a 4 time scratch off jackpot winner, who beat out odds of 1 septillion (1 with 40 zeros) to 1, revealed to the media that she was in fact a Stanford Statistics Professor, Sam Schwarzkopf knew without a doubt that luck had very little to do with her wins.

Soon afterwards he found a 5 time winning math professor. Then in a stroke of luck a 7 time winner revealed to him the system responsible for the wins in manuscript form and Schwarzkopf began to wonder can a book really show a player how to win the lottery?

In his website Schwarzkopf discusses these tactics and others while divulging to his visitors all the dirty tricks & tips used by past multiple winners in the hope that this information will help other players win before lotteries close the loopholes and again make winning just a matter of luck.

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