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Lotus Aroma Announces Their New Line of Massage Oils


St. Joseph-Du-Lac, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2014 -- Lotus Aroma is announcing their new line of massage oils. Lotus Aroma bases all of their products off of an environmentally friendly and sustainable mentality. With company officials having a strong interest in keeping their products natural, they are releasing a line of massage oils that are derived from their “essential oils” line of products. Lotus Aroma companies believe strongly in the power of natural medicine, as well as the power smell has on the subconscious.

About the Essential Oils
The essential oils are the base product for Lotus Aroma. These oils are mixed together with other botanically derived ingredients to form their Lotus Aromas products (from skin cream to body wash). Their essential oils are oils based off of a single ingredient (like Begramot, Rosewood or Cinnamon). These are then combined and blended to create their products.

About the Massage Oils
In the case of massage oils, one can find mixtures like Peppermint and Eucalyptus Globulus or Rose and Indian Geranium. According to the Lotus Aroma staff, the massage oils have 100% Botanical Derived Active Ingredients as well as a 100% Natural Formula. They boast having a “Non-greasy, non-comedogenic and non-staining” product.

About Lotus Aroma
Started in 1991 in St. Joseph-Du-Lac, Quebec, Lotus Aroma uses techniques inspired by Ayurvedic medicine to offer the most natural products possible. The company was acquired in 2006 by DermoLab Pharma, a renowned pharmaceutical manufacturer in Montreal. Lotus Aroma officials are always advocating a strong, eco-friendly perspective on their industry. They take action to reduce their carbon footprint by using as many recycled and recyclable materials as possibly, avoiding over-packing when shipping and providing healthy, biodegradable products.

Lotus Aroma
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