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Lou Lafond Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Produce the Automatic Child Car Alarm


Casselberry, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2018 -- Activated on a parent's smartphone (One-Time SetUp), the Automatic Child Car Alarm is an ingenious automated electronic alarm device that warns a parent or guardian that their child is still in the safety seat of the vehicle.  Once the parent or guardian is a set distance away from the vehicle, an alarm is automatically activated signaling that the child has been left in the car seat.

Features of the Automatic Child Car Alarm

Once the baby or child is placed in their car seat, the alarm is set.  When the baby or child is removed from their safety seat, the alarm automatically disarms allowing parent and child to proceed to their destination.  However, if the adult leaves the vehicle and the baby or child remains in their safety seat, once the adult reaches a certain distance away from the vehicle, an alarm will sound on their smartphone alerting them to the child's location in the car.  Since the device is fully automatic, activating the unit cannot be inadvertently forgotten.

The alarm is designed to remain automatic.  If spills occur in the child's safety seat, the water proof device will not fail.  Installation in the car seat and on the smartphone give parents an easy and simple way to guarantee their child's safety.

Production of the Automatic Child Car Alarm

Produced 100% in the USA, preference to US made parts will be given, but the lowest bidder will acquire the bid.  The smartphone app will also be produced in the USA.

Since there is no other product on the market like the Automatic Child Car Alarm, with its design features and automaticity, no other US Patent for a product similar to it can be found.  Other child safety alarms may exist, but none of them have the feature, design, or full automation of the Automatic Child Car Alarm.

The Kickstarter campaign is located on the web at, with pledge levels ranging from Basic level to Gold level.

- Basic – By pledging $1,000, an honorable mention on the sponsor page and one device will be delivered for residents living in the United States. Estimated delivery date is March 2020.

- Bronze – By pledging $2,000, all Basic pledge privileges will be received along with an second device.

- Silver – With a $5,000 pledge, all bragging rights, Bronze level awards, and a third device will be delivered to any resident in the United States.

- Gold – At the top tier, a $10,000 pledge will yield all Silver level rewards and a personal thank you from owner Lou Lafond.

For additional information and details, visit the Kickstarter page.

Contact Person: Lou Lafond
Company: Lafond & Associates
Address: 732 Suncrest Loop
City: Casselberry
State: Florida
Country: USA
Phone: 407-308-2260