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Lou Malloy Crime Series: Reformation & Recidivism Collide, as Gripping Novels Satisfy Readers' Secret Desire to Read About a Life Beyond the Law

Masterfully crafted by J. Frank James, the Lou Malloy Crime Series will take readers on the ride of their life as they read about Malloy and how he beats the criminals at their own game, a game where there are no rules. With six books currently on the market, Malloy’s life of crime, redemption and adversity play out with gripping aplomb. It’s the next-best way for readers to enjoy a life of abundance as they ride along with Malloy from one hot spot to another as their Run Begins…


Marietta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2014 -- Unlike most authors, J. Frank James doesn’t claim to write from a moral high ground or offer readers a life-changing message. Trading hype for realism, James instead takes his readers into the crime-steeped life of one young man as he learns early in his life that a life of crime can have its consequences and rewards.

The Lou Malloy Crime Series currently comprises six books based on James’s protagonist, Lou Malloy, his family life; self-serving urges and a total disregard for the law make each narrative a welcomed escape from the real world.


Lou Malloy: The Run Begins - Lou Malloy is 18 years old and ready for the world. Everyone in his family is leaving Kansas. In a wild moment and with no money, Malloy hops in a rail car going to Anywhere USA, meets a man from his past who offers Malloy the deal of a lifetime. All he has to do is help rob a casino in Georgia. There is one flaw in the plan, the casino is a laundering operation for the Outfit and they want their money back. Having earned a fifteen year prison sentence, Malloy sealed his fate forever as his…Run Begins.

Dead Money Run - He is just getting out of prison and Lou Malloy has just learned of his sister’s death. He is advised to go straight, but all bets are off until he finds his sister’s killer. Ride with Lou as he meets a beautiful PI named Hilary Kelly. Determined to find his sister’s killer, he decides to rob the same casino again and smoke out his sister’s killer. If he gets caught with the money he goes to jail. The Outfit wants their money back, the government want to shut down the laundering scheme and Malloy wants to make everyone pay. If Malloy and his team don’t make it they have no way to return to the real world. Read as they race to the finish line and learn if this where Malloy’s run ends or keeps running...

Only Two Cats –It has been a year since he had hid the money from the second robbery of the Golden Slipper Casino and Resort and Lou Malloy has a problem. The money was still on the Island and it is time to bring it home. Malloy has figured out a way to get the money. However, like a house of cards, one thing and then another starts to happen. While moving the money back to his home, there is an attempt on his life and then he is accused of killing his sister by vengeful police detective, Sal Ramiro. In the meantime, Hilary has decided she wants a cat and Malloy, hating cats, agrees to her request because he thinks the cat would not last a week living on Turtle Point. But Hilary’s cat is a three hundred pound Panther from a neighbouring wildlife sanctuary whose name is Mojo with a female Snow Leopard named Pumpkin. As if dealing with the cats and the extra money he had to hide was not enough, his significant other, Hilary Kelly and Crusher’s wife, Bunny, have been kidnapped by a vicious killer from Cuba. Now Malloy has to gamble with not one, but two lives. At the end of the day, it’s the Cats that save the day. With a change of heart, Malloy decides two cats are not so bad after all.

Blue Cat In Paradise - Hilary Kelly’s friend, Maria Batista, is getting married in Manaus, Brazil and Hilary is taking Lou with her. Upon arriving in Brazil, Hilary and Lou learn that the wedding is off and Maria is running for her life. With the aid of a Brazilian secret service agent, helping Hilary’s friend would seem simple enough for Lou Malloy, except he has to fight a corporate buyer hungry for land along the Rio Negro River, a ruthless outlaw who likes to kill his prisoners by removing their heads. And as if that is not enough, a dangerous tribe of Indians who make shrinking heads into an art form. Hilary is determined to help her friend and leaves it to Malloy to figure out the best way to do that. Read about all the crime bandits in action, Crusher, Jeremy and the mysterious Max Reynolds and learn how Lou Malloy and Hilary Kelly discover the legend of the Blue Cat while recovering a hundred million in Nazi gold and, at the same time, preventing worldwide political turmoil as only Malloy and Kelly can do it.

Rainbow Games - Lou Malloy never expected to hear from his brother, Sam Malloy and when he did he never expected it would be under these circumstances. Convinced Sam was in trouble, Lou decides to go to Alaska to help him. Hilary, on the other hand, was not convinced. Lou had never mentioned a bother and, as far as she was concerned, he needed to stay lost. But that was a personal issue and Lou had a small job in Alaska anyway to do for Max Reynolds at Homeland Security. It seemed that Russia was working to get Alaska back from the United States because they claim they were never paid for it and Malloy and Kelly had to find proof that they did. In addition, there was another shipment of gold sent by the United States in 1869 to back up the initial payment fiasco, and that had been lost as well. To make things interesting an heir to the great Mongol leader, Genghis Khan, who is called Sala Khan, now wants to restore the lands of eastern Russia to its prominence on the world political stage. To do this he needs to start World War Three and Malloy and Kelly have to figure out how to stop him.

Two Birds To Kill – Almost twenty years have passed since Lou Malloy left his home in Kansas and seen his parents. Hilary wants him to go to see them. Hearing of the visit, Max Reynolds wants Lou to put a stop to a worldwide counterfeiting operation. It all sounds simple, but that is just the surface. Underneath lays a crazed mastermind who wants to become the bank for the world and create a new world order. To help him is Lou’s old nemesis Joe Stanton, a worthless Treasury agent and Joey Traficante. In an effort to put Lou in a box, he is charged with four criminal offenses that his ‘get-out-of-jail’ card won’t cover. To win at the game and kill the counterfeit operation at its source in the Bahamas, Lou and the Crime Bandits have to survive a powerful hurricane.

The Author Speaks Out:

“With a degree in Journalism and my background as a lawyer, I am able to inject a sense of realism to my writing. Fused with my extensive global travel, readers get to soak up narratives that are a true melding of fact and fiction. I try to make my characters believable; inspired by the myriad of cultures I have been exposed to,” says James, an artist who also designs the vibrant covers adorning his novels.

Continuing, “Malloy is a very interesting character as he wants to reform, but makes continual backtracks due to the allure of money and materialism – something you can’t chastise him for. Secretly, I think everyone wants to live this life and will see Malloy as a kind of underground hero. I don’t try to make my characters perfect; they have flaws. I hope that each book allows my audience to escape reality for a little while and enjoy a lifestyle they can’t deny that they crave.”

To date, the series has garnered rave reviews. For example, in reference to ‘The Run Begins’, one reader comments, “I truly enjoyed this first book. I thought the character development was good and plausible. The coming crime was developing in such a way I could hardly wait to start the second book, Dead Money Run. The unfolding events are unpredictable and that keeps the reader engaged in the story. You can tell the author is having fun. Highly recommend.”

With the series in full swing and future books in the works, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

The Lou Malloy Crime Series is available now: http://amzn.to/1kXWBsg. For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.jfrankjamesbooks.com.

About J. Frank James
Jim began his career in writing by first securing a BS degree in Journalism and a BS degree in Advertising from the University Of Florida College Of Journalism. While in school, he worked for the Gainesville Sun as a reporter, photographer and plate maker and several of his news stories were picked up by the Associated Press. From there Jim attended law school, obtained a Doctorate of Law. While in Law School he was a member of the law review and published an article as a member there.

As a self-taught artist and rug designer concentrating on endangered species, Jim has displayed his art in several galleries, such as in Booth Bay Gallery, Booth Bay, Maine; The Goodyear Cottage On Jekyll Island, GA (where he had a one man show); Blue Frog Gallery, Atlanta, GA; Glynn Art Ass'n, St. Simon's Island, GA and now McIntosh Art Ass'n, Darien, GA. Working in acrylics, his work is bold, fun and inspiring. His prints are limited editions on both paper and stretched canvas.

To date, Jim has published six novels under the pen name J. Frank James in honor of his Father who was killed in World War Two. Jim lives in Atlanta with his lovely wife, Lorraine, and their eighty pound boxer named Jake.

His books are centered on two protagonists named Lou Malloy and Hilary Kelly as special agents of the Department of Homeland Security; they seem to attract trouble on a regular basis. Jim hopes you enjoy following them from one hot spot to another.