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LouenHide Designer Handbags Make Their Way to the UK

When It Comes To Ladies Fashion There Are Few Things That Genuinely ‘Complete’ A Look More Than Accessories.


Worcester, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- When it comes to ladies fashion there are few things that genuinely ‘complete’ a look more than accessories. Quality accessories can greatly enhance the very best of outfits or even completely transform an outfit that has seen better days. Good quality ladies accessories have the potential to define a woman’s appearance and ensure that she stands out from the crowd. Whether buying handbags, purses, scarves, jewellery or any other type of women’s’ accessory for that matter, it is well worth keeping in mind the power these relatively inexpensive items have to make over a lady’s appearance.

This is true especially of the handbag. Carried by millions of women all over the planet, the handbag is an iconic fashion accessory which makes a bold and noticeable statement. Equally valued as an everyday practical item as much as a fashion statement, women’s handbags are timeless and enduring in their appeal and are a great finishing touch for any carefully planned outfit. Available in numerous shapes, sizes, colours and styles, there is a handbag for every occasion, every outfit and every taste.

The queen of the handbag world is the designer handbag, sought after by millions of women each and every year. However, due to their price tag they are generally restricted to a rather exclusive market. This is something that the Australian designer handbag label LouenHide has strived to change since their brand was first established in 2006. With the aim of creating divine handbags at a reasonable price for the Australian accessories market, LouenHide have moved from strength to strength, firmly establishing a presence in the Australian market from their Brisbane headquarters and supplying louenHide handbags both via wholesale and their online business.

In recent years LouenHide have expanded their channels of distribution from an exclusively domestic operation to an international affair encompassing New Zealand, the USA, Canada and South Africa. In fact, in recent months LouenHide have announced their expansion into an entirely new market in the United Kingdom. The Australian designer brand has teamed up with Adorned Ltd of Worcester to provide the new LouenHide range to both the wholesale and the consumer market within the UK. Now women living in the United Kingdom can benefit from divine designer handbags at a reasonable price and enjoy the quality, workmanship and image synonymous with the LouenHide brand.

Adorned Ltd was carefully chosen as a partner for LouenHide within the United Kingdom as they offer an extensive range of products via their ecommerce sales as well as their high street presence in Worcester. The resultant nationwide service can deliver handbags, toiletries, purses, scarves and jewellery directly to the consumer’s door. With a great passion for both their products and their market Adorned Ltd pride themselves on their service and are delighted to be able to bring LouenHide designer handbags to the UK market for the first time. Even if LouenHide do say so themselves: There’s a LouenHide handbag for every woman, every day.

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