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Fujian, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 -- Louis Vuitton products are distinguished from other designer creations because of the way that they are so easily recognized. This brand is such a big favourite all over the world and its designs and materials are often imitated, so much so that an LV bag on a lady's arm is an instant magnet for envious stares. A lot of the star quality that standard LV items possess can be attributed to its handsome materials, including the Louis Vuitton Damier. gives the following information about the Louis Vuitton Damier and the many changes it has undergone throughout the years.

The LV Damier is the third in the line of canvas materials that Louis Vuitton used for the travelling trunks he created in the latter half of the nineteenth century. It made its debut soon after the Paris exhibition, and is about as old as the Eiffel Tower. Before the Damier check was made, LV trunks featured the grey Trianon canvas and the short-lived beige-and-brown stripe called the Rayee.

The Damier was made partly to check the flood of imitations that plagued the House of Louis Vuitton. Owing to the fine quality of their goods, there was no end to the manufacturers who sought to re-create their look in hopes of achieving financial success. Thus, the original Damier featured a mark that said "marquee L. Vuitton deposee" or "trademark of L. Vuitton."

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While neither the trademark nor the new checked material managed to completely prevent the appearance of imitations, the Damier canvas has proved to be one of the most-loved materials in the Louis Vuitton collection. From the original gold-and-brown Damier Ebene which is still favoured as a material that is appropriate for women of all ages, there are now at least three other Damier variants.

The Damier Azur is generally considered a pattern that's suited to women who are young, or young-at-heart. This blue-and-white canvas is most often used with vachetta leather trim and generally gives a very pleasant and feminine aspect. It's perfect on a beach or summer bag, and goes well with casual as well as pretty and girlish outfits.

For men, there is the Damier Graphite. This version of the Damier comes in black and grey, and carries with it a very masculine and urban vibe. This canvas is most attractive on messenger bags and other manly items that could do with a bit of flair, such as standard belts and billfolds.

Finally, there is also the Damier Geant. The Damier Geant is a large or "giant" version of the check. This material is suited to men's casual accessories, from coin purses to agendas and backpacks.

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