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Fujian, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2013 -- Although Louis Vuitton is known today primarily as a design house that creates luxury handbags for socialites, celebrities and ordinary women, this brand began as a purveyor of fine luggage items to wealthy Frenchmen. The Louis Vuitton Keepall is a classic piece that dates back to Louis Vuitton's early days as a malletier. It is a satchel with two short handles and a long, roomy and rounded body and comes with a bandolier for certain sizes. Now, gives us three striking new variants of this timeless classic.

The Louis Vuitton Keepall was considered revolutionary from the very beginning. Up until its release, most people travelled with hard-sided trunks that could be very heavy and cumbersome to carry. With the birth of the Keepall, Louis Vuitton introduced the concept of a soft-sided luggage item that a traveller could carry with him even in close quarters or small travelling cabins.

It turned out to be the ideal bag for overnight trips, long train rides, and eventually, to carry onto an airplane. In addition, even as the public grew to love the bag, LV began to make several versions of the Keepall that featured innovations in material and design while retaining the iconic shape that makes it so handsome and user-friendly. Here are four of them.

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1. The Monogramouflage Keepall. This is a great Keepall that both men and women can carry. It is made with the camouflage version of the LV monogram. The juxtaposition of jungle camouflage with the opulence suggested by the LV logo is very interesting and makes this piece very eccentric as well as very urban and cool. IF you want feel chic and fab, you will never go wrong with this bag.

2. The Yayoi Kusama Keepall. When Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama's collection for LV was unveiled, LV fans were seeing polka dots everywhere. The Yayoi Kusama Keepall features a canvas in bright colors like yellow and blue with small, medium, and large polka dots as well as gradients thereof. This is more for the funky type of people who are not afraid to get bold in their fashion and style.

3. The Damer Infini Keepall. This is another unisex version of the Keepall featuring the embossed check of the Damier Infini material in fluorescent yellow and orange. This bag is sure to be a show-stopper, and perfect for that tropical vacation come summer. So even if you are basking nder the sun, people can't help but look at you because of this bag.

4. The Waterproof LV Cup Keepall. This version of the Keepall was created to commemorate the Louis Vuitton Cup, and is an athletic bag that features waterproof canvas and parts that are assembled and bonded with a high-frequency welding process.

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