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Fujian, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 -- There is probably no other handbag material in the world that's as easily recognizable as the Louis Vuitton Monogram. The instant recognition that comes with sporting this distinctive print is one of the things that many fans of LV feel very strongly about ¨C a few may prefer not to sport the logo and choose a more discreet material like the Epi, but far more would be proud to wear the LV monogram as a status symbol. reveals the history of this iconic material.

The Louis Vuitton Monogram has been reinvented so many times, and it is the fourth in a line of canvas materials that distinguished the fine luggage items that came out of the House of Louis Vuitton. In the beginning, LV covered their trunks in the grey Trianon canvas, but when this became too easy for competitors to copy, they attempted the striped Rayee and the checked Damier. But despite the trademark embossed on the Damier, LV continued to be a much-imitated brand.

In 189g under the leadership of Georges Vuitton, Louis's son, the Monogram Canvas was launched. The Monogram was printed in gold on a dark brown background and featured flowers and quatrefoils which were in keeping with the popularity of Oriental ¨C especially Chinese and Japanese ¨C design elements at the time. Georges Vuitton took out patents on the Monogram Canvas and became relatively more successful at deterring counterfeiters.

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The Monogram Canvas is still widely popular today. Many ladies prefer to have the world know that they're carrying an LV bag, but the popularity of this material goes beyond the logo. As a matter of fact, any girl who has carried a Monogram bag can attest to its chic and versatility. A bag in Monogram Canvas can be worn with dark and light colors, heavy and airy fabrics, or plain and printed clothes. It's also appropriate during all four seasons of the year.

When it comes to maintenance, the Monogram Canvas is a girl's dream come true. Unlike many other designer bags, a purse in Monogram Canvas need not be babied. A woman can use it every day and rest assured that her handbag will withstand ordinary wear and tear. It's a material that's water resistant, doesn't require leather conditioners ¨C because it is canvas, not leather ¨C and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. It also ages beautifully, darkening and acquiring a rich, oxidized look that lends character to a bag.

The Monogram Canvas has also been re-created many times. Some of the most popular LV Monogram variants are the Multicolore, featuring the logo in 30 bright colors, the Watercolore, the Cerises or Cherry edition, as well as the Graffiti variant.

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