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Lounge Lizard Overtakes Web Companies by Offering Strategic Web Development Services


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2013 -- Web design company Lounge Lizard Worldwide Inc. has started expanding their horizons by offering services for mobile devices and gaming. With their increased number of services offered, the company makes its mark as one of the most outstanding web development companies out there today.

Lounge Lizard has made numerous works in different industries, which include education, the arts, luxury brands, industrial sector, and travel and leisure. Some notable works included in the company’s portfolio is the design and development for Broadway.org, Naked University, and Convocast. While the company excels in web design and development, among their popular services are web optimization that enables them to guarantee the first page of Google search for Long Tail Keywords, and their many creative strategic services which include print collateral and design, internet marketing planning, and media planning and buying.

As Lounge Lizard is not among the run-of-the-mill web development companies, future clients should also explore their options in custom application development and become involved in the evolving industry of mobile applications. The company offers a working strategy for clients that are looking to hire their best mobile app developers for their customized apps.

The company has started to include mobile app development in their roster of services in 2008, and it involves a six-step strategy to fulfill mobile app projects that works for their clients, with steps with quirky names. The inspiration apparently stemmed from this company’s the love of liquor. The six-step strategy begins with Taste Testing, or market research and goal centering, and ends with Bringing Them Back for More, or charting success and building ROI.

Included in the recent projects done by their mobile app developer department are Blood Alcohol Monitor, Honeywell Total Connect Well, and the Talking BAC Calculator.

For more information about Lounge Lizard Worldwide Inc., you can visit their website.