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"LOVE" Author & Producer Raises Funds to Deliver Message to Help Quell Hurricanes, Wildfires and the Coronavirus


Rochester, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2020 -- Though the season's hurricanes have been named A to Z, multiple wildfires dominate the west coast, Nancy Pelosi continues to tease stimulus check announcements, and society exhausts from coronavirus vaccine promises, My Love is One author, LeTicia Lee, says, "There's still hope." "Consistent collective fervent mass prayer is more powerful than a hurricane," Lee says. LeTicia Lee should know. Her prayer got her a one on one meeting with the true and living God. At least that's what she tells us in her book and now appropriately named documentary, My Love is One TELL THEM!

The encouraging author and producer says the conversation didn't begin overnight. She tells us when it all started she wasn't even sure God really existed. But she was persistent. She asked questions about life, purpose and creation. Then, to her surprise, she started getting answers and eventually actual visitations.

Ms. Lee tells us most people found it hard to believe her at first. Even her family doubted her. When she started telling them that this is the generation that would see and experience the return of God's presence in the earth, they found it entertaining at best. But then perhaps, "inconvenient".

Lee observed that just as people become more of who they are when they get more money, they reveal their true character the closer God comes. She warns that this is not a time to be complacent.

"The coronavirus pandemic is an opportunity to reflect. The temporary 'pandemic lockdown' has given people in society time to reconsider their ways. Individuals and institutions can re-evaluate their priorities in family, education, business, finance, environment, culture and government," says Lee. She recommends people use this time wisely.

"The coronavirus will not last forever; but things will certainly be different," Lee tells us. "For some people it will even be better. People will learn that being alive is more valuable than being rich," says Lee ominously.

Those who wish to help LeTicia complete her LOVE project and learn more can visit her GoFundMe campaign entitled, "Help Me Tell the World Why My Love is One Truly Matters" at

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