Love Calculator

Love Calculator Release Fun Tool for Friends and Teens to Check Their Matches

Love Calculator provides a free program that allows individuals to compare their names with the names of their love interests in order to see a percentage match prediction.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/12/2013 -- Love is one of the last great mysteries left to mankind’s exploration, even though we have been enthusiastically exploring this territory since our earliest days. Though millions of pages of poetry and prose have been dedicated to the subject as well as no shortage of hard scientific research, the true nature of love still largely eludes us. Many wish they could predict love in the same way they wish they could predict the stock market, and thanks to Dr Love, there is now a fun program that will provide them that opportunity.

Dr Love has created a Love Calculator that uses mathematical matching algorithms based on statistical trends in names to predict the likelihood and strength of a romantic match just by comparing the names of the person and their potential suitor.

The process is fast and easy and the download is free, so individuals can start having fun right away by using this love tester to find out which of their friends they could in fact be more than friends with.

A spokesperson for Love Calculator explained, “Science is the new magic- as we understand more about the subtleties of the universe and the intricacies of the human mind we are capable of things hitherto undreamed of by our ancestors. In much the same way as mediums have now been identified to have the skill of cold reading, our analyses use a secret but methodical process of analyzing names that reveals a startling level of accuracy in match predictions, so anyone who ever wondered can see whether or not a relationship with that special person might really work: the love doctor created this software especially for them.”

About Love Calculator
Doctor Love strongly believes that every name carries a hidden meaning that can reveal someone's true nature. Now, thanks to his Love Calculator, users gain the power to find out what the probability of them living happily ever after is with the love interest of their choice. The Love Calculator was designed from the ground up specifically with users in mind, and claims to be the most reliable way of determining the chances of having a happy relationship. For more information, please visit: