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Love for Our Afflictions: Compelling New Memoir Helps Readers Allow Pain to Pave the Way to Peace; Proving Power of Self-Revelations.

Written by Ariana Carruth and sharing many intimate and poignant experiences from her own life, ‘Love For Our Afflictions’ challenges readers to allow themselves to move forward and past adversity. Depicting everything from losses including infidelity and miscarriage to bold issues of religious conversion and raising children with special needs, the book will leave every reader with plenty to think about.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2013 -- While everybody endures pain and loss, few find true peace at the end of adversity, as they don’t allow themselves to move forward. However, as millions suffer in silence, a powerful and potentially life-changing new book affords the challenge and hope that can empower anyone to find light at the end of life’s tunnel.

‘Love For Our Afflictions: Allowing Pain to Pave the Way to Peace’ is the work of Ariana Carruth, a formidable woman who has suffered more than most. However, while her life has literally shattered to pieces around her on more than a few occasions, Carruth’s self-revelations and discovery have inspired her to move into a place of true peace and recovery. With her book in-hand, anyone can now achieve the same.


In an age where so many secret stories are demanding to be told, the author fearlessly takes us into her broken heart in hopes of buoying others in their own afflictions. As her life is split open early, repeatedly and even savagely from threats to babies born and unborn, to a daughter’s health and longevity, and to a husband’s fidelity, she discovers the gifts that lay hidden within each. Freed from her afflictions, she finds a path to authentic living.

Clearing a fiercely unconventional path to her own heart's desires, she also finds a new life as a Jew with a conversion to Judaism.

Love for Our Afflictions does more than advise making lemonade out of lemons. It wakes us up to challenge an old, unchallenged belief--that afflictions are to be dreaded and feared-- and shows us how we can instead find love for our afflictions.

The author explains the bold vision she has for her book.

“This book will hopefully touch others with its powerful honesty. It addresses infidelity, pregnancy loss, raising children with special needs, life, death, grief, international moves, spirituality, Judaism conversion, marriage, family and so much more. It is a book about self-revelations and the story challenges us to *allow* ourselves to move forward,” says Carruth.

Continuing, “As I courageously sat down to write my story, I did so with blurred vision and a keyboard drenched from all the tears. As I wept and wrote, it was with the sincere hope that my story would one day help someone else. I wrote honestly--sometimes to my detriment--but inside are more truths and revelations than I thought would be revealed. May my words help those in affliction, beyond affliction, or without affliction. This is a story for everyone.”

With the book expected to be in high demand, interested readers are urged to pre-order their copies as soon as possible.

‘Love For Our Afflictions: Allowing Pain to Pave the Way to Peace’, published by Rams Publishing House, is due for release in fall of this year in electronic and bound formats.

For more information and to order a copy, visit: http://loveafflictions.com/

Find Love For Our Afflictions on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/loveafflictions

Excerpt from Prologue: "Despite the towels, new blood had reached the floor. This must be what they mean by “survival mode”: weak, terrified, confused, burning with internal heat. Find the phone, a comforting voice on the other end, a link to the world that makes sense. Do everything they say. Open front door. Wait there for them. Quiet. Don’t wake the children, they cannot see you like this, faint, half-naked and stained red."

About Ariana Carruth
Ariana Carruth is a native Texan from Fredericksburg, TX, a small rural town in the Texas Hill Country. Carruth currently resides in a suburb of Houston with her husband and children. A lifelong writer, Carruth found solace in a time of loss and uncertainty by writing her story. As she wept and wrote, she began to heal, and it was then she knew she must share her story with others so they could find a similar comfort.