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Love Match: Ground-Breaking New Book Provides Exclusive Insights Into Finding a Life-Long Mate

Written by Steve Brass, the book provides a critical new insight and framework for those looking to fall in love with a long-term partner. After interviewing hundreds of people from all backgrounds to get answers about the keys to a successful relationship, Brass quickly learned that the key was actually in the questions.


Tucson, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- While many dating and relationship books only give advice from one person’s perspective, Steve Brass’s upcoming ‘Love Match – 50 Questions to Find Your Mate’ is the culmination of interviews with people of all backgrounds, ages and relationship set ups. As a critical new insight into finding a long-term partner for love, the book is expected to resonate with readers around the world.

After enduring a tough breakup and looking for answers to questions about the keys to a relationship, Brass became acutely aware that the keys actually lay in the questions themselves. With pertinent questions giving an insight into everything from a current partner’s long-term suitability to working out what went wrong with a break-up; Brass is now sharing his findings with the world.

“Love Match gets to the core of relationships by defining and exploring the five pillars of compatibility- Chemistry, Cash, Communication, Caring and Commitment. Each pillar provides the key questions every person needs to review before venturing into a new relationship or taking the next step with their current love,” says Brass, who used his five pillars methodology to eventually find the love of his life.

Continuing, “It provides a refreshing new method of examining love with a potential mate and keeps us conscious and focused on what are the keys to finding lasting love. While writing the book I started to deploy some of my own advice and eventually found my life partner; proof it actually works!”

The book’s pre-release reviews have been nothing but positive.

For example, author Harry Posner said, “Steve Brass has written a book chockfull of common sense questions and telling anecdotes; perfect for the person who wishes to cut through the romantic haze that often hides relationship-breaking incompatibilities.”

Publishing Consultant, Karen Thomas, was equally as impressed. She commented, “Thought-provoking. Finally, a book that offers a straightforward approach to help couples wanting to know if they are right for each other, or for those who need to know the right questions to ask a new partner.”

However, even with such a successful book on his hands, Brass refuses to lose sight of what is truly important; it’s value to the reader.

“Stop wasting time chasing the good looking guy or the sexy gal for a good time and not a long time, and discover the magic of compatibility when you know precisely what to ask your new love and what to ask yourself about this new person,” he adds.

Poised to become a literary best friend to thousands, critics urge interested readers to purchase their copies of the book as soon as possible after it’s released, and start the final chapter in their search for long-lasting true love.

‘Love Match – 50 Questions to Find Your Mate’ is due for release at the end of May.

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.stevebrass.com/

About Steve Brass
Steve Brass is a speaker, author and business leader. As a published songwriter, playwright and book author, he continues to explore human relationships with insight and humor.

He is also a specialist in emergency response and self-protection and has created workshops on Street Smart Self Defense. www.streetsmartdefense.net

"I find many of us avoid, deny or refuse to ask the big questions in life and then seem surprised when events occur that shake us from our comfort zones".

Love Match was written to explore these pivotal questions that help us choose the right love and match for the most important relationship in our life.

Steve continues to write, speak and lead workshops on Fearless Living and Finding your Love Match.