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Love Me Mama: The Unfavored Child - Compelling New Book Warns Parents to Dangers of Favoritism


Fort Worth, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- It’s not a topic that many parents would consider giving a thought to. However, there’s a strong and well-proven link between parental favoritism and the abuse suffered by the unfavored child. In an emotive and insightful new book, the unfavored child’s story is told with frank and raw honest.

‘Love Me Mama: The Unfavored Child’ will resonate with parents and adults around the world.


This book is a story of an unfavored child called Victoria. Vicky suffered because of the favoritism her mother showed among her four children, discriminating against Vicky.

The difficulties of life led Vicky to build a wall of defense around her. Vicky’s difficult life led her to master the art of escaping the pains of rejection by becoming a high achiever. She thought she was fine and doing all right until the day when her mother died.

At that moment, Vicky realized that she never had a mother who loved her. She never would because life cheated her out of a mother and now death had too. The book takes you through the trials and tribulations that Vicky faced before she emerged successful.

As one of the authors explains, the book carries a powerful and potentially life-changing message.

“It’s one of the first true exposés of the trauma and abuse suffered by unfavored children, told from their perspective. It was written with the intent of drawing attention to this often under-publicized subject so that parents can evaluate their own behaviors and adjust them accordingly,” says Reed, CEO and Founder of Delta Women NGO.

Continuing, “Millions of children around the world suffer due to child favoritism and the topic deserves more attention. Every child is equal and should be loved the same as the next. Life is a special gift upon which value cannot be placed, so it’s a shame that so many children have their worth decided by adults, with many left to suffer the consequences alone.”

Critics praise the authors for the diligent attempts they are taking to change the lives of others. However, even with so much success, Reed remains focused on what is truly important.

“I want to help change the lives of young people, while educating their parents and waking them up to a growing problem. The more we spread the word, the more we can affect change and improve the lives of young people around the world,” she concludes.

‘Love Me Mama: The Unfavored Child’, published by Xlibris, is available now: http://amzn.to/10TreGp

About the Authors
Elsie Ijorogu-Reed is the Founder/CEO of Delta Women NGO and a business intelligence consultant; she grew up in Nigeria and currently lives in Houston, Texas.

Kirthi Jayakumar is a volunteer with Delta Women. She is a lawyer and writer based out of Chennai, India.