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‘Love My Pets GPS’ Features a Dog GPS Safety System That May Make “Lost Dog” Posters a Thing of the Past


Ft. Myers, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2011 -- For a pet owner, there is nothing quite as worrisome as the realization that a beloved dog has escaped from the yard and is out wandering the neighborhood alone.

While many lost dogs do make it home again safely, sadly, some do not. Some may be taken in by another family who believes the dog has been abandoned and tragically, some end up being hit by a car. Still others are taken to shelters where they may eventually be reunited with their families, but only after a lot of stress and expense.

When a dog gets loose, time is of the essence. Pet owners need a way to find their lost four-legged friends and bring them back home as quickly and safely as possible.

A company has been receiving a lot of attention lately for its GPS Pet Safety Collar that gives pet owners the immediate ability to locate a missing pet through the use of state-of-the-art GPS technology and an online service. With its combination of reliability and low cost, the dog tracking collars are also used by police departments across the country.

Love My Pets GPS, a company based in Louisville, Kentucky features the revolutionary K9 tracker collars on its website, along with other pet supply products like high quality leashes and harnesses. The GPS dog tracker collar combines glow-in-the-dark banding and a material with one of the highest reflective values on the market along with an award-winning GPS unit that can locate and track both indoors and outside.

“A basic reason to use a GPS dog tracking system is to be able to find a dog that has become lost or injured,” an article on the company’s website explained.

“But a good tracking system can do much more, not only showing the exact location of the animal, but how far away it is from you, whether it is moving and how fast, and even what the dog is doing: running, or sitting.”

The website explained how the dog tracking system works: using the online service, a GPS map will show the pet’s location. If the pet owner is not near a computer, he or she can call a toll-free number, give the consultant a login and password, and after a brief conversation, be advised by phone where the pet is and which direction it is headed.

While the dog GPS tracking system is great for dogs who like to jump fences or otherwise escape from yards, it can also come in handy during a natural disaster if a pet becomes separated from home.

About Love My Pets GPS
Love My Pets GPS, LLC, is a SC limited liability company located in Louisville, KY. Love My Pets GPS offers the revolutionary Lovemypets GPS Pet Safety Collar, a Web-based pet recovery system featuring a GPS locating and tracking solution and safety collar designed to support the owner’s immediate recovery efforts of lost pets. The glow-in-the-dark collar also helps protect the pet from darkness-related accidents. For more information, please visit www.lovemypetgps.com