Lovie Johnson Releases #RNAR - Really Not a Rapper Montana, the Sequel

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Bakersfield, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2017 -- Lovie Johnson is all set to release the sequel of his most popular album #RNAR – Really Not a Rapper. Born Lovie Johnson, he grew up in Bakersfield, California along with his older brother Harlem and his local 925 crew. Lovie got the name Pezzy Montana from Harlem "because of his quick temper street demeanor and rowdy GET IT DONE hustler attitude". It is with this attitude he went on to partner with J-Diggs for his first ever album "Really Not a Rapper". The album was distributed through Rapbay/Urban Life and City Hall Records.

Pezzy Montana released his street single World Wide Mob that featured Joe Blow, Messy Marv, FedX and Ap9 of the Mobfigaz. The single went on to become an instant hit. In 2015, Lovie released his next album Montana Montana Montana on Empire Digital. With the help of valuable inputs from Mistah F.A.B., Joe Blow, Sleep Dank and Paige Raymond, the song was debuted at No.10 on iTunes charts of West Coast Rap. In 2016, Lovie released a compilation mixtapes, the 925Five Records on his very own label 925Five Records. Montana Montana Montana and SleepDank announced MACLAFORNIA, their group album on 925Five Records in the same year. The two single gained instant popularity in the Bay Area's rap top 20.

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About Lovie Johnson
Lovie Johnson aka Pezzy Montana is an American Rapper who was born and bought up on the edgy west coast of California. He became popular with his Really Not a Rapper #1 album which was released in 2014. The songs from the album became so popular that Lovie Johnson went on to work with top producers in the industry.

Name: Lovie Johnson – Montana Montana Montana
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