Loving Daughter Turns to Crowdfunding Campaign to Keep Her Ill Mum in Australia

A loving daughter who wants to keep her sick mother in Australia so she can be close to her family during the last years of her life has turned to a crowdfunding campaign. She hopes to raise enough money to pay for an Australian permanent parent visa.


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2015 -- Inger Mayuree Faber has turned to a crowdfunding platform as a last resort to raise enough funds to pay for an Australian permanent parent visa. The loving daughter wants to help her 85-year-old mother achieve her last dreams of staying in Australia and being surrounded by her family.

$30,000 of the $60,000 needed has already been raised, and now she is hoping people around the world will come to her aid and support the campaign.

The campaign, which needs to raise the money by October 22nd, 2015, needs as much exposure as possible to help Inger achieve her dreams of helping her mum. Inger, who has no assets left, hopes families around the world will understand how important it is for a mother to be close to her family during the last years of her life.

Inger's mother suffered a stroke in 2007 and visited her daughter in 2009. In 2012, she decided to live with her daughter to receive the support that she needed on a temporary visa. Since living in Australia, her health has reduced and now she is losing her sight in one eye while she cannot see in the other. Due to her age, she needs lots of support from her family but will not receive this support if she fails to get her visa. Inger hopes to raise enough funds to ensure her mother can have a happy life and be surrounded by her family.

Like any daughter, Inger wants to support her mum and have her close to her so she receives the support she needs. As well as asking people to support her crowdfunding campaign with financial donations, she is also hoping people will share her story through Twitter and Facebook and make more people aware of the help she needs.

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About The Campaign
The campaign has been launched to raise $30,000 to help a mother receive the support she needs from her family in Australia.