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Low and in the Dirt… Ken Griffey Jr. and Me: Baseball Star's Former Best Friend Exposes Extortion & Destruction in Blistering New Book

You might know Ken Griffey Jr. on the field, but you probably don’t know him away from the limelight. Tom Brown was Junior’s best friend for a number of years. They were so close; Junior gave him a 15-year contract to market his name and likeness, any way he saw fit. What could such a contract be worth? Probably in the multi-millions… Just imagine if you had such a contract to represent the “Michael Jordan of Baseball.” Careful what you wish for though, as it could become your worst nightmare. That is just what happened to Tom Brown.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2013 -- Low and In the Dirt… Ken Griffey Jr. and Me explores just what happens when a superstar persona worth mega millions commits to contracts, then changes their mind, and wants to ruin you. They have all the influence and money to do so. This could happen to YOU if you were thrust into this position. Would you be able to fight back or would you cave in to his demands?

When All Star Café wanted to sign Griffey as their baseball name along with Gretzky for Hockey, Montana for Football and Jordan for Basketball, Griffey demanded the contract back for Pennies of its real worth. Tom Brown said “not on your life,” little did he know, that meant HIS life, as he knew it. The downward spiral was about to begin. Griffey would stop at nothing to remove his best friend from his life and replace him with Gretzky, Montana, and Jordan. There is evidence in the book of several felonies committed by Griffey and his agent Brian Goldberg in the removal of Tom. Griffey did not stop there however, he kept on until Tom would never be able to come back and be his former self.

Low and In the Dirt… Ken Griffey Jr. and Me will show readers just what could happen to them if they were thrust into the world of the rich, influential, and powerful, used for their resources then tossed aside like a ragdoll. This is a no-guess or hypothetical situation, this really happened. Tom covers how the contract came about and includes photocopy documentation with signatures.

Tom lost everything, his wife and family, his business, reputation and home. To this day, he is financially ruined and residing in a homeless shelter. Griffey knows what he did to his former best friend and he certainly does not want anyone else to know. It’s all in the book.

For more information and view the signed documents, visit: http://www.kengriffeyjrandme.com.

About Ken Griffey Jr.
This is a story that no one ever thought would be told - most of all, Ken Griffey Jr. While “Junior” was in his prime as baseball's best player, hitting prodigious home runs and patrolling centerfield as only Willie Mays had before him, he also was enjoying all the privileges and perks of superstardom. But beneath this storybook facade, Junior Griffey was hiding something: the truth about who he was and how ruthless he was to trade in friends for the rush of getting as much for himself as he could. His closest friend at the time, Tom Brown, had a lot do with Griffey attaining the lifestyle he lived during his decade with the Seattle Mariners.

In return for his loyalty and the thankless role he played, Brown would be repaid with the loss of his livelihood, reputation and family - ultimately forcing him to give up his multi-million dollar share of the Griffey pie, which incredibly included another partner known to be a mobster.